Do you see your dentist twice a year? Do you have professional cleanings? There’s no need to ask if you brush your teeth and rinse your mouth regularly… And there’s no need to explain that oral hygiene is so important for a beautiful and healthy smile…

There is need to say that all these things still can put you aside from health of your teeth. Why? That’s because of other daily-life things you may be doing. They can put your wonderful smile at a risk!
Please get acquainted with 10 behaviours which are able to harm your teeth immediately or with the lapse of time. Some of them are connected with cracking and chipping, another ones have to deal with more serious problems, such as enamel erosion or gum recession.

Is Your Toothbrush The One?

Some toothbrushes are too hard. That is why your gums can recede. Moreover, abrasion damage to the tooth root surfaces may be caused. Using a multi-tufted, soft-bristled toothbrushwould be the best solution.

Don’t Overdo with Brushing

Even the right brush can’t save you in case you do the procedure too forcefully. Too frequent brushing procedures can also bring damage instead of benefit. Bacterial plaque can be broken up with the help of gentle whisking. In case you have doubts about your technique, consult your dentist and he will surely advise you on this issue.
Don’t try to brush your teeth every time you recollected about the benefits of brushing. Morning and night brushing procedures are quite sufficient.
Remember that brushing your teeth immediately after consuming food can benefit only to enamel erosion. The thing is that the enamel is weakened by acids contained in food and drinks. So, better wait half an hour before cleaning your oral cavity.

Don’t Bite Your Nails

Nail biting is proven to be a nervous “parafunction”. In other words, it’s just outside the scopes of normal habits. Your teeth will wear down and there will be small fractures all over them if you don’t stop biting your nails.


Have you heard about this term? If no, you still should hear someone grinding his or her teeth or clench the jaw. Any excessive bite forces can lead to tooth wear, cracks, fractures, pain in jaw and other truly unpleasant issues. Very often people don’t realize that they have this problem, as it occurs while they are sleeping. There are special night guards that help to protect one’s teeth from this kind of damage.

Do you like to Chew Ice Cubes

You have probably heard about blenders that are able to crunch ice cubes. Now, please imagine the effect that will be made on your teeth. There is no doubt that your jaws and teeth were not designed for such a burden.

Your Teeth Are Not Tools

Some people sometimes forget that teeth were designed for eating. Such people tend to unscrew bottle tops, tear tags off clothing and open packages of food. That’s the right way to cracks, fractures and chips.

Sportsmen Without A Mouth Guard

Believe it or not, mouth guards benefit the life of active people who enjoy sport. They protect one’s teeth from the risk of blows. A mouth guard will definitely prevent you from cut lips, lost/broken teeth and other significant damages.

Not Enough of Saliva

Saliva benefits to oral health since it is able to neutralize damaging of the enamel acids in one’s oral cavity. Besides, it contains minerals strengthening the tooth enamel. If your mouth is dry, you are going to have such problems as bad breath, enamel erosion and cavities.

Too Much Sugar

Consuming too much beverages and foods that contain sugar will lead to tooth decay. Carbohydrates breaking down into sugar and sugar itself are just perfect for oral bacteria producing acids during digestion. They cause cavities as well.

Coffee or Soda? None!

Both regular and diet soda as well as coffee contain too much acid. Your saliva will not be able to neutralize this kind of acid in case you are used to sipping soda or coffee during the day.

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