The questions regarding baby’s first teeth listed here below often worry young moms, so let’s answer them. When will my kid’s teeth appear? How should they be taken care of? That’s one of the most popular questions ever asked by young mothers and the Pediatric Dental Centre will patiently keep answering it over and over again. Unfortunately, kids are never born with dazzling smiles. On the contrary they come to this world with a gummy grin. However, the twenty primary teeth already exist at this age, their crowns are formed, but they’re hidden below the gumline in the kid’s jawbone. You require wiping his or her gums with a wet washcloth after every feeding. You can also utilize gauze pads for this purpose.
The primary teeth start their eruption during the first two years of baby’s life. The lower and upper front teeth dubbed the central incisors normally erupt first – this usually occurs at the age of 6 moths. By the age of tree, most kids acquire a full set of primary teeth, including ten lower and ten upper teeth.

Is it possible to make teething less painful?

Well, once the teething process starts, the kid may experience pain in his or her gums. If you’re concerned with making it less painful for your baby, then rub the gums with a clean cool wet washcloth. For this purpose you can also employ a sterile chilled teething ring. If anything mentioned above hasn’t eased your kid’s dental pain, consult dentists in new york city, Manhattan, Greenwich.
Stay away from creams and gels containing benzocaine when it comes to treating gums of kids younger than two years old. You should know that benzocaine often provokes unwanted reactions.

Why should parents take care of baby’s primary teeth until they get temporary?

Taking care of baby’s primary teeth is a must-have attribute of baby care as these teeth assist kids in pronouncing their first worlds properly. Then, they are also helpful in chewing foods. Another positive feature of primary teeth is that they are ideal placeholders for the upcoming permanent teeth. If you leave your kid’s primary teeth untreated, your baby will probably face oral pain, decay and cavities. By the way, the already developing permanent teeth under the gumline can also suffer from decay.

Is there any way to prevent infection?

Tooth decay is normally provoked by a specific dental disorder dubbed baby bottle tooth decay. In simple terms, this happens when a kid’s teeth are exposed to sugary liquids from a bottle. If you frequently let your child consume fruit juices, milk, formula or sweetened liquid your baby may face it.
Ok, your kid’s primary teeth have finally become temporary. That doesn’t mean that you should forget about proper care. Keep flossing and brushing your kid’s oral cavity with water until the age of two. Once your baby learns using toothpaste without swallowing it, move to brushing his or her teeth with fluoridated toothpaste. Of course, don’t forget about regular baby’s dental checkups. Online appointments for dentist are already at hand.