Best Dentures to Get


A removable substitution for lost teeth is called a denture. Partial dentures are applied to the patient who has some teeth in the mouth cavity. When there are no any teeth, the complete dentures are applied.

How to Choose the Best Dentures to Get

With the variety of services, it may be hard to choose the best dentures to get. Though, you need to remember that dentures do not have to cause discomfort, difficulties with chewing and wearing. Properly designed dentures will uphold cheeks and lips without changing the outlook of your face. Your speech should not be affected. Natural outlook of the teeth themselves also matters.

Consult our village dental specialists in order to get the best dentures. New York city dentists will carefully examine your oral cavity and find the best solution.

Complete dentures can be applied immediately or conventionally. This dentures procedure supposes that the denture can be placed in 8 or 12 weeks after all the teeth have been removed and the gums started to heal. Immediate dentures are placed in order the patient did not have to be without teeth during the period of healing. In other words, it is just a temporary solution for providing more comfort. After everything has healed, conventional dentures are applied.

Partial denture consists of artificial teeth attached to a gum-coloured plastic base. Besides, it can be joined by metal framework holding the denture in the right place in your oral cavity. Even if only one tooth has left, Dentures can be applied. Besides filling in spaces of lost teeth, partial dentures also prevent the teeth that have left from changing of their position.

Dentures Procedure

A prosthodontist is a dentist who restores and replaces missing teeth. You will have to make several visits to this doctor. First of all, the specialist will take impressions and measure the space between your jaws. Then he will create wax forms, models or plastic patterns. They help to find the best-fitting shape, position and size of your future denture. You will try it several times in your mouth and the dentist will correct all the improper places, so that you could wear the dentures with comfort. After the size, shape and position are determined, the prosthodontist will create the real denture. Personal adjustments and corrections will me made according to the shape of your mouth cavity.

If everything was done correctly, you will not feel anything artificial inside your mouth. Properly designed denture does not create discomfort and the person wearing it should not be afraid of losing the denture while eating or speaking. Sure, you will need a bit of time to get used to this new feeling inside your mouth, but in a few weeks it will go away.