What can damage teeth in summer


Warm and long days are a perfect chance to spend some time outside with friends or relatives and have fun. During the summer almost all of us would not miss the chance to do it. But high temperatures can bring the negative effect to our body. Moreover, you might not even guess, but teeth are not an exception. In this case, such challenges can turn into an excruciating procedure. There are some reasons why summer can damage your teeth.<!--more-->

Weekend activities

Going outdoors for an active time spending is one of the most popular things to go for in summer. It opens up a thousand ways to stay active and gain more energy. Hiking, biking, basketball, tennis is of perfect advantage to the overall feeling. But from the other hand, there is always a risk to get injured and quite often people survey chipped and cracked teeth. This is very unpleasant, though one can easily cure it with restorative dentistry (such as crowns and veneers). The healing procedure itself depends on the damage’s severity.


Open air and temperatures of 90+ degrees expose us to feel thirst, especially combining sport activities and heat. Dehydration slows down many processes in our body and has the damaging effect to the dental health as well. It decreases the level of saliva, which stands as an acid neutralizer and also controls oral bacteria level. Besides, when a person is dehydrated, he does not have a normal remineralization. Under such circumstances, developing oral bacteria are likely to lead to more serious damage such as clenching or grinding.

Acid beverages

Quenching the thirst, we don’t care about the beverages we intake, thus falling into self-damaging. Acidity is probably among the most dangerous issues. It is the dark side of the fresh drinks which can erode the enamel. Many of the bright-colored liquids can strip the enamel, especially during permanent contact with teeth. At the first stages, they weaken it, making it easy to face chip or crack.

Temperature Shock

What can be best than a cool, icy and fresh beverage during a hot day? Unfortunately, this is also risky to the dental care. Teeth are vulnerable to thermal shock, so think about it the next time you hold an ice-cold water or soda. Rapid changes of temperature can appear painful and damaging as a result, from the increase of the sensitivity and up to cracks. The last can show up with time and under pressure. People who wear metal amalgam fillings are highly sensitive to this process.

How to cure the wear?

These are the main reasons why summer can bring damage to our teeth and dental health in general. If your teeth show the wear by the end of the heat, there is a chance to cure damages. Making your smile beautiful and healthy is possible thanks to the restorative dentistry. Keep in mind those tips and have fun regardless to the season outside!