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Plombage process as it is

For sure, almost everyone knows what a tooth filling is, because we all have visited a dentist at least once in our life. And if earlier such a visit caused only horror and discomfort, now everything has changed significantly, and dental treatment has become almost painless. Filling material is also changing, and now, coming to the dentist with a sick tooth, you really have plenty to choose from. To avoid such confusion, we will consider below what types of tooth filling exist today.(more…)

Dental plates as an alternative to braces

According to statistics, only one of ten people on the planet is born with the right bite. Then why are people with an uneven bite not so often seen on the street? Because, firstly, not all people with this problem are noticeable. Well, and secondly, after all, it’s not the Middle Ages, medicine has been developing. Today, there are many effective ways to correct bite defects.(more…)

Briefly about dental history

Dentistry is certainly an important section of holistic medical science. This fact is explained quite easily - every part of the human body is important. Therefore, any discipline that deals with this or that part of our body is also important. After all, it is not a mere coincidence that all doctors recommend regular visits to dental clinics for prevention or treatment of dental diseases.(more…)

Dental implants cons and pros

Today we can definitely say that dental implants are the most advanced method of restoring integrity of dentition in modern dentistry, actively replacing traditional prosthetics. However, every phenomenon has two sides, so today we would like to present all the pros and cons of installing dental implants.(more…)

Dentistry for pregnant women

One of the most controversial issues that arise in every woman’s mind is the treatment of teeth during pregnancy, which is full of myths and rumors. Which ones are true, and which ones should not be paid attention to?(more…)

Teeth whitening

Interesting fact. In her youth, Julia Roberts had serious hang-ups because of her big mouth. After numerous dental manipulations, a wide, radiant smile became the actress's carte de visite. How to achieve the same Hollywood smile with perfect whiteness?(more…)

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