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Cons and Pros of a Dental Tooth Growing

Thanks to innovative technologies of modern dentistry, restoration of teeth can restore integrity, beauty and health to a smile. Tooth enlargement is an aesthetic restoration that removes tooth defects, and completely restores teeth in casethat the crown part is destroyed not more than 30%.(more…)

Dental granuloma

Dental granuloma is a limited inflammation of periodontal, which is a small rounded formation located in the area of ​​ dental root. It is characterized with a long asymptomatic course. Under the influence of various provoking factors, dental granuloma becomes aggravated with emergence of a vivid clinical picture of acute inflammatory process: severe pain in the tooth, swelling and reddening of the gums.(more…)

Plombage process as it is

For sure, almost everyone knows what a tooth filling is, because we all have visited a dentist at least once in our life. And if earlier such a visit caused only horror and discomfort, now everything has changed significantly, and dental treatment has become almost painless. Filling material is also changing, and now, coming to the dentist with a sick tooth, you really have plenty to choose from. To avoid such confusion, we will consider below what types of tooth filling exist today.(more…)

Dental plates as an alternative to braces

According to statistics, only one of ten people on the planet is born with the right bite. Then why are people with an uneven bite not so often seen on the street? Because, firstly, not all people with this problem are noticeable. Well, and secondly, after all, it’s not the Middle Ages, medicine has been developing. Today, there are many effective ways to correct bite defects.(more…)

Briefly about dental history

Dentistry is certainly an important section of holistic medical science. This fact is explained quite easily - every part of the human body is important. Therefore, any discipline that deals with this or that part of our body is also important. After all, it is not a mere coincidence that all doctors recommend regular visits to dental clinics for prevention or treatment of dental diseases.(more…)