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Parental mistakes

The kids, of course, do not yet have their own opinion on some serious issues, but he very sensitively catches your attitude to any problem, event, and person. So much of the family depends on how the kid will perceive doctors and treatment.(more…)

Under anesthesia children teeth treatment

All children are afraid to go to the dentist's, but some are just capricious, while other people feel panic and fear when seeing those in lab coats with a dental drill in their hand. In the second case, dental treatment for children is a pain not only for the parents and the child, but also for the children's dentist, who cannot normally do their work.(more…)

comprehensive pediatric dentistry
Comprehensive Pediatric Dentistry

Kids pediatrics are professionals who had been training for 2 or 3 additional years after they graduated from dental school in order to be capable of providing modern and thorough service for children. As everybody knows, there is a great variety of kids’ dental diseases, such as tooth decay, developmental problems, nursing bottle decay, different traumas, issues with growth and many others. Besides, they are specially trained to help patients with special physical, mental or emotional handicaps. (more…)

Preventive Dentistry
What Is Preventive Dentistry?

Primary preventive dentistry will help preserving teeth healthy and strong.So, what is preventive dentistry and why is it so important? This article will tell you everything about primary preventive dentistry. (more…)

Dental for kids
Dental Care for Kids

Dental care for kids is even more essential than for grown-ups. Toothache is a spread problem in both child’s and parents’ life. Besides injuries, infection, jaw disease or a late tooth can provoke pain. Everybody knows that toothache is hellish, so do not induce your kid to suffer and take the little one to the dentist for obtaining proper dental care. (more…)

brush kids teeth
The Proper Way for Kids to Brush Their Teeth

It goes without saying that regular teeth brushing and maintaining a good oral health is very positive habit for anyone. This habit needs to be instilled since childhood, so it’s crucial to teach children how to perform their oral hygiene in the proper way. Once your kid gets his or her first toothbrush, it’s time to get started. (more…)