Kids pediatrics are professionals who had been training for 2 or 3 additional years after they graduated from dental school in order to be capable of providing modern and thorough service for children. As everybody knows, there is a great variety of kids’ dental diseases, such as tooth decay, developmental problems, nursing bottle decay, different traumas, issues with growth and many others. Besides, they are specially trained to help patients with special physical, mental or emotional handicaps.

Kids orthodontics are specialists with 2 or 3 years of special training after finishing dental school. Such experts are trained to diagnose, treat and prevent irregularities connected with teeth and face. During the process of extra training the orthodontist develops the skills of tooth movement managing and facial development guiding.

Toddlers, pre-teens and teens need different kinds of treatment and approaches. Guiding of teeth growth helps to maintain their dental health in future. That is why caring parents search for a qualified orthodontists and pediatrics for their little ones. Even if the kids have healthy teeth, conscious parents want the best treatment for them as only comprehensive pediatric dentistry will be able to prevent all possible dental problems. Most of children are afraid of the doctors. Some of them have had bad experience with dental service of poor quality. There a lot of young patients who need special treatment, so they are sent to us from general dentists. We specialize in special care and provide it for all our patients. Every child needs a new approach. We realize this and offer corresponding treatment.

Union Pediatric Dentistry

Highly-trained professionals know how important it is to feel comfort and tranquility for a child while sitting in the dentist’s chair. Preparing the kid to the process of dental treatment is essential. It is very important to tell and show the little-ones what and whom he or she will face with. We introduce our village dental staff to the kid and show the equipment that will be used during the procedure. In such a way the child will be aware of the process and will not be scared of it. We practice lots of praising of our little patients for their courage and behavior.

Oral check, cleaning, fluoride application and X-rays (if necessary) are offered to kids starting from the 2-year-old age. Every our little patient will receive his or her own treatment plan thoroughly developed by our union pediatric dentistry.

Kids Pediatrics

From birth till 2-year-old age a kid needs initial oral examination. It is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. The risk of development of different dental diseases will be estimated by children pediatrics at our NY dental clinic. Starting from 2 years we recommend preparing your toddler to dental visits. You can buy your kid an exciting book that explains and illustrates the process. Morning appointments are considered to be better for young patients as they are not tired yet.