Dental Emergencies for Kids in New York
Well, your kid’s oral health is normal now, but keep in mind that dental emergencies may arise at any time. What will you do if you see your sweet child in pain? You actually don’t need to answer. You even don’t need to think at all. All you need to do in case of dental emergency is to act fact and automatically.

Attentively read the following review and get yourself prepared for your kid’s dental emergency.

Bitten or cut tongue, cheek or lip

You require applying ice to the injured area immediately. That’s necessary to suppress swelling. You can stop bleeding with a piece of cloth of gauze – the application needs to be gentle but firm. If you’re unable to stop bleeding by yourself, call a doctor or take your kid to the hospital emergency room.


Cleaning the area of the affected tooth should be your first action. Then rinse your kid’s mouth with warm water or make use of special dental floss. You require doing this for dislodging any food impacted. Go to the pediatric dental office if pain isn’t over. Placing heat or aspirin on the gum or tooth isn’t recommended. Cold compressed will help to cope with the swollen face.

Knocked out baby tooth

Reach out to dentists in new york city, Manhattan, Greenwich during business hours. Most likely no treatment will be required as that’s not a true emergency case.

Fractures or chipped permanent tooth

Immediate reaching out the pediatric dentist is required too. If you’re quick enough, you’ll manage to save you kid’s tooth. Furthermore, you’ll avoid infection as well as extensive dental treatment. Apply cold compresses if swelling keeps growing. Try to find broken tooth fragments and bring them to the dental office.

Knocked out permanent tooth

First, the knocked out tooth needs to be found. If you spot it, take this stuff, handling by the crown and not by the root. Avoid cleaning it with soap or scrubbing it. Then try to reinstall the tooth in the socket. If it’s not possible transport the tooth in a cup, filled with milk or your kid’s saliva. You should take your kid to the dental office immediately.

Fractured or broken jaw

You should keep the damaged jaw from moving. As in previous cases you also require taking your child to the dental office.

Serious blow to the head

Your baby needs to be taken to the nearest hospital emergency room without delay. In order to learn more about dental emergency, book online appointments for dentist.