Everyone has his phobias. Almost every person is scared of dentists. Dental anxiety has been proven to be among the most common fears around the globe. Almost a third of all adult people don’t like dentists. 1 in 10 of people have such a strong phobia, that they tend to avoid going to the dentist.

This is not a secret that oral hygiene is crucial for out health. That is why dental anxiety must be addressed to. So what are the effective techniques and strategies for overcoming dental anxiety? Let’s find this out.

Fighting Mild Dental Anxiety

Mild dental anxiety is just a feeling of discomfort and nervousness at the dentist. Don’t mix it up with panic and terror. This problem can be overcome in several ways.

Talk to your specialist

Firstly, dental fears can be overcome if the patient speaks to his dentist. The specialist should know about your exact fears. He will work with them and your visit will be as relaxed as possible. He will take breaks and you will be at ease.

Breathing techniques help

When your mind is preoccupied with fear, controlled breathing helps your body to relax and you become focused on other things. Practicing them at the dentist’s cabinet will help you to overcome anxiety and discomfort. Here is the example of the easiest technique: simply inhale and exhale through the nose for a slow count of three. Breathe in for 3 seconds and breathe out for 3 seconds. There also can be certain breathing issues when something is in a person’s mouth. That is why this technique is very useful.

Techniques to relax

There are lots of relaxation techniques that may help. Don’t feel strange about bringing your music with you or asking the specialist to turn on the radio. Ask the nurse to tell you some stories. Actually, every person can be distracted with something suitable for her. So, go ahead, try and find the one that will be helpful for you.

Fighting Severe Dental Anxiety

The above mentioned steps usually don’t help in case you have severe dental anxiety. However, the aforementioned techniques still should be used in order to make you feel more comfortable.
Severe dental anxiety supposes a psychological phobia. It has to deal more with fears than with nerves. There are a few ways to overcome severe dental anxiety.


Go ahead and receive counseling for this kind of phobia. The root of your phobia will be found. Special work will be held through it and you will be able to get rid of your phobia.

Support Networks Work

Dental anxiety is a common problem. There is a wide range of support networks for people experiencing dental phobias.

Sedation Options

Well, sedation is not a preferred treatment option for severe dental anxiety. However, it may become one of the best solutions to the issue.

There are various kinds of sedation on today’s market. Oral sedation is the simplest one. Basically, you just take a tablet in, swallow it in an hour before the start of the dental procedure. Sure, you will still realize what’s going on around you, but you will feel calmness and relaxation.

There also is an option of intravenous sedation. This injection is applied into the back of the hand. Still you will be awake, but in a deeply relaxed state. The thing is that you may forget what happened after.

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