What Food to Avoid While Wearing Braces


Modern dentistry came up with more comfortable braces that look more attractive. However, the need of a proper care after the braces has remained. You will have to make smart food choices in order to protect your wires and brackets. This will help to avoid extra visits. Besides, it will contribute into quicker treatment. Get acquainted with these tips. They will help you to male proper food choices while wearing braces.<!--more-->

Avoid These

Hard, chewy and sticky foods will bring no good while wearing braces. Applying to much force to the brace will lead to their damage or looseness. When the braces are detached, they can’t function in a proper way. This will put away the progress of your treatment.

Crunchy and hard products contribute into brackets and wires knocking off. Sticky and chewy products will bend or loosen hardware. Besides, they stick between the braces.

If you don’t want to damage your braces, avoid the net products:

  1. Sticky foods (caramel candies, candy bars with sticky centres, chewing gum, taffy)
  2. Chewy foods (dried fruit, bagels, tough meat, pizza crust)
  3. Crunchy foods (tortilla chips, popcorn)
  4. Hard foods (raw carrots, cookies, nuts, candies, ice)
  5. Foods that have to be bitten (unripe peaches, corn on the cob, whole apples)

Healthy Foods

Besides choosing foods that will not bring harm to the hardware on your teeth, you need to keep your gums and teeth clean while wearing braces. The brackets and wires can become a place where food debris trap. This will cause plaque and lead to problems with gums and cavities.

The issue will impact the tooth in the place where the brackets are mounted. Debris is the most difficult to remove there. The plague makes acids that harm the enamel of teeth. Chalky stains that emerged due to this reason are permanent and will transform into cavities with time.

Never disregard your oral hygiene and wisely choose foods while wearing braces. Acidic drinks and sticky foods should be omitted while wearing braces. Brushing and flossing procedures must be made after every meal.

What to Eat While Wearing Braces

There are plenty of foods that will not harm your oral health while wearing braces. Remember, that softer products will be better than hard ones.

Don’t be limited by this list of tooth-friendly foods, but include them into your ratio:

  1. Vegetables (sweet potatoes, corn off the cob, mashed potatoes, green beans)
  2. Dairy (pudding, soft cheese, yoghurt)
  3. Fruits ( apple sauce, berries and bananas)
  4. Meats (meatballs, fish, tender chicken, ground meat, lunch meats)
  5. Breads and grains (pancakes, muffins, pasta, soft tortillas)
  6. Sweet foods (gelatin, ice-cream, soft cakes)

Your smile should be perfect after you get rid of the braces, so take some extra time to give your teeth proper care while wearing them. Smart choices for food and proper oral hygiene will prevent you from damaging your teeth. If you feel that the product is to hard or too sticky, don’t eat it. Your orthodontist will advise you on this as well.

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