It’s High Time To Get Rid Of Your Brushing Mistakes!


Has the dentist chair become a usual place for you to spend you free time at? Or do you think your teeth are so white and smile is so shining that there is no need for you to visit the dentist? In both cases there can be a problem affecting the health of your mouth that you have never thought about. So, here is the main question: do you brush your teeth in the optimal way? Get acquainted with the most wide spread mistakes people not realize that they are making while brushing teeth.

_ Quick Brushing _

Nowadays world is so busy that morning rush is a usual thing for everybody. Often people don’t spend enough time on brushing their teeth. Meaning, they still do the procedure, but only for the sake of appearance. It is recommended to thoroughly and properly brush teeth during 2-3 minutes. It was discovered that most people spend only 40 seconds on this procedure. Does this mean that you have to set a timer on each time you go to the bathroom? No, it does not. You can turn your favourite song on and do the procedure while it is playing. You should know that there are special brushes able to play a song during the brushing procedure!

_ Efforts Do Not Always Bring Good Things _

Yes, you should brush thoroughly and properly, but not too hard. Effective brushing should not be too hard as extra efforts will only bring harm to your teeth. Tooth enamel will be the first one to suffer from this issue. Also your gums will get injured. This will cause bad breath with the lapse of time. Tiny cuts inside your mouth caused by hard brushing are the favourite places for bacteria.

_ Skipping On The Procedure _

And again, our busy lives harm our health and well-being. Lots of people brush their teeth only once per day (usually in the morning). This is not enough! Bacteria that stocks in our mouth during the day should be cleaned away every time you have consumed food!

_ Different Bristle Types _

It is so important to choose the right type of bristle. Some people have very sensitive mouth and hard bristles will not work for them. Use soft toothbrushes and provide a moderate pressure during the brushing procedures.

_ Your Brush Is Too Old _

It is unacceptably to use the same toothbrush for a long period of time. You should buy a new toothbrush every 3-4 months. This will save you hundreds of dental office bills, so don’t be greedy and buy a new brush.

_ The Angle Matters _

Brushing from the right angle is also important. Many people tend to brush their teeth at a straight perpendicular angle to the teeth. This can lead to undue wear and affect the tooth enamel. Bacteria will love to spend time inside your mouth cavity then. The right angle to brush your teeth is a 45-degree approach. In such a way food debris and plaque will be swept away from the gum line.

_ Side-To-Side Brushing _

Other people move straight up-and-down or side-to-side while brushing. With the time these moves will cause the enamel erosion in certain spots. Do not sweep or saw your teeth. Do circular, gentle motions during the procedure. In such a way a larger area of the tooth will be covered and the enamel will be saved from erosion.

_ Toothpaste Can Be Too Harsh _

Don’t you ever use harsh toothpastes! Usually such toothpastes suppose brightening and whitening at the same time with cleaning. Such toothpastes contain certain components that are extremely harsh. Even if they will whiten your pearls, it will be only temporarily. Meanwhile, they will erode the enamel and your teeth will become sensitive. Such toothpastes can even lead to tooth decay instead of saving the teeth from it.

Commercial toothpastes are not always a good solution. Try using coconut oil as a cleaning substance or preparing your own natural antiseptic toothpaste.

_ Tongue Is Important _

Even if you brush your teeth 2 times a day properly, do you pay enough attention to your tongue? This part of the mouth cavity is not smooth. Its crevices are perfect places for bacteria playing hide-and-seek. This leads to bad odour and teeth damage.

Many people rinse their mouth with water after meals. However, this is not enough to get rid of bacteria as only the outer layer of the bacteria will be washed away. You should brush your tongue in order to remove the harmful bacteria.

Brush your tongue back and forth, side to side and only then rinse your mouth with water. Again, brushing too hard can damage the tongue’s skin.

Tongue plays a great role in maintaining your oral health. So, don’t skip on its cleaning while you brush your teeth.

_ Flossing, Flossing, Flossing _

People may do everything what is needed, but just skip on flossing. And unfortunately, this is a mistake. Flossing is a crucial part for preserving your teeth in a healthy condition. It is recommended to floss at least 1 time every day. Toothbrushes cannot always reach certain places inside your mouth. Flossing allows removing plaque between your pearls. This place is hard to reach and cavities often appear exactly between the two teeth.

Plaque that is left between the teeth will harden into tartar or calculus with time. Flossing will help to escape from cavities and gum diseases.