Dental implants support one or more fake teeth. A titanium screw performs the function of the root in case it fails. It is placed into the jawbone just like a natural tooth.Implants have proved to be an experienced and safe solution. Your implants will serve you as long as you care for them. In case you do not pay proper attention to your dental implant, an infection, soreness, gum disease, bleeding and feeling of discomfort can develop. Taking proper care after your dental implants will secure their long service.

Tooth Implants

Tooth implants can be applied on one or several teeth. If the condition of the bone in your jaw is favourable, then the procedure of implants teeth will be successful. Your dentist will arrange special tests helping to find out the state of the bone. If your bone has been severely damaged, then it might be not possible.

Placing of an implant supposes giving a local anaesthetic to the patient. At the time of placing you will not feel any discomfort. After the procedure you may feel unaccustomed during one week, just like after the regular extraction. If you feel very nervous about the procedure or if your case is very complicated, the specialist will give you a sedative. General aesthetics are rarely used.

The treatment time-table will be given to you before the needed procedures. Sometimes artificial teeth are placed along with the tooth implants. They are called “immediate implants”. After the implants are placed, it takes bone a few months to grow onto and fuse to implants. If you are missing several teeth, New York city dentists will suggest you a so-called temporary denture. In case you already have got full dentures, you will be able to wear them during the time of implants healing.

Ask your dentist about the care your implants need. Aftercare is essential, especially if you feel pain after the treatment. Consult your specialist about the painkillers that may be used in order to get rid of this pain. The procedure of implants cleaning does not differ from the procedure of natural teeth cleaning. Though, there might be areas that are difficult to reach. Consult your dental specialist and he will advise you some special methods of dealing with this. Smokers must be aware that their habit affects dental implants. People who smoke must take a more careful care about their tooth implants.

Ask your dentist in NY about the best dental implants. The best thing about them is that they look just like natural teeth. Nobody will be able to notice that something has been done to your teeth. However, accidents that may happen to natural teeth may happen to tooth implants as well. That is why professionally made and placed implants are the best tooth implants. Address a dental clinic in NY and find out other moment concerning the procedure.