It is not a secret that trying to vie in this severe every day race and win the competition we often forget about the most vital thing – our health, and you can hardly disagree with it. Everyone knows its importance, but due to the tight schedule or permanent stress it becomes much difficult to keep an eye on healthy habits or lifestyle in general. Moreover, it is proved that adults accustom to new habits much harder than young children do. In terms of oral health, this issue cannot be overestimated and the best way of curing is to prevent it, which suits both adults and their kids.

Speaking about pediatric dentistry, parents should remember about few simple rules that will help their children to get used to every day care and set up right perspectives and attitude towards doctors. It is a known fact that the way you treat the world is laid in the early age, so it can be applied to health care too.

The most important thing in this question is oral hygiene, as the health of our teeth and gums directly depends on it. You may not pay special attention to this, but teeth participate in vital processes of out well- being. They take part in speaking, breathing, reception of the food and mechanical processing of it. Poorly chewed food affects digestion which is connected with the whole organism. Moreover, avoiding preventing procedures can lead towards teeth issues since the formation of the jaw and teeth line at young age and wider problems when older.

The very first and effective rule to mention here is to keep a correct and regular complex oral hygiene, which is not only about brushing teeth twice a day as many of us are used to think. In fact, the last procedure can clean out dental plaque from teeth and tongue and remove the small remaining of food intake.

Nevertheless, there are some general rules of the correct cleaning:

  • brush your teeth twice a day;
  • pick up the necessary toothpaste to fit your needs (whitening, caries prevention, periodontal diseases, etc.);
  • the procedure should last up to 2 minutes;
  • choose a high-quality toothbrush (better of average stiffness).

Nevertheless, it cannot deal with the previous thick layers, so there is a necessity to make an appointment to the dentist at least twice a year. With the help of modern equipment and hygiene means he will manage to clear it and at the same time make an examination to prevent any possible problems at the early stage. Food remnants and soft plaque can be removed with a toothbrush and toothpaste. But it is better to use the dentist’s service of professional hygiene from time to time just to stay sure that everything is okay.

Here in the Village Dental Medicine we offer a wide range of professional services of complex dental hygiene and examination, which will help you as well as your child to keep the teeth healthy and beautiful. The best effect can be achieved by making up an individual plan according to your needs:

1. Professional hygiene helps to clear the hardest reachable parts of mouth with the help of the modern equipment.

2. Therapy and diagnosis of any special issues at an early stage using the latest technologies, thus preventing their progression and starting of an in-time curing.

3. Wide list of options for whitening such as chemical bleaching with the essential recommendations for further home care and keeping the result for longer period of time.