1. Skipping on flossing leads to missing 40% of whole oral hygiene. This is a real motive to brush and floss in a scheduled manner!

2. People who write with their right hand will chew food on their right side of the mouth. Correspondingly, people who write with their left hand will chew food on their left side.

3. Throughout a lifetime, the average citizen of the U.S.A. spends 38.5 days cleaning the teeth.

4. What substance is the hardest in our body? Tooth enamel is! However, this does not mean that you should crunch stones and open beer bottles with your grinders.

5. North American children spend almost half a million dollars on chewing gum early.

6. Soda is your enemy. If you drink it 3 times every day, you are in the risk group with 62% probability to have fillings loss, tooth decay and other problems. Fresh juices and regular water will save your teeth!

7. Our tongue prints are different just like the fingerprints.

8. 78% of people in the U.S. experienced having a cavity before they turned 17.

9. It is more spread to use blue toothbrushes than red toothbrushes.

10. Commercial floss was first produced back in 1882.

11. There is a bird called the Crocodile Bird. Its routine consists in flying into a crocodile’s mouth and cleaning the animal’s teeth! A pretty risky job, you know!

12. Women tend to smile 62 times per day.

13. Men tend to smile 8 times per day.

14. Do you know what is the biggest mammal on our planet? The Blue Whale is. This creature eats only shrimp. Why? Because it has no teeth!

15. Grown-ups laugh 15 times per day while children do it almost 400 times per day.

16. 1 can of soda contains from 10 to 12 teaspoons of sugar.

17. Sir Isaac Newton had the most expensive tooth. Back in 1816, the scientist’s tooth was sold for $3,633 in London. Now this can be perceived as $35,700. The grinder was set in a ring. This story was worth of Guinness World Records.

18. Giraffes have not got upper teeth.

19. Dental plaque consists of the excess of 300 variations of bacteria.

20. The elephant can grow new teeth! This animal grinds its molars and then new teeth grow in its mouth. The animal can do it 6 times per life! Would you like to have such ability? Don’t be in a hurry, the molar can weigh more than 6 pounds.

21. It is necessary to brush your teeth during 2 or 3 minutes. People usually finish the cleaning procedure within 45-70 seconds.

22. There are more than 25,000 teeth in a snake’s mouth, but it is no larger than a pin’s head.

23. Best friends of men, dogs, have 42 teeth.

24. Pigs have got 44 teeth inside their mouths.

25. Cats received only 30 teeth.

26. An armadillo has got as much as 104 teeth.

Dental History In Simple And Interesting Facts

1. Heis-Re was the first known dentist. The specialist lived in Egypt more than 5,000 years ago.

2. Tree twigs were the first toothbrushes. A person should chew on the twigs’ tips and the fibers would spread out. They were used for cleaning the grinders.

3. Up till 1866 there were no licensed female dentists. Lucy Beaman Hobbs was the first to become one.

4. Back in 1950, the tooth fairy left 25 cents. Back in 1988 she decided to put at least $1 for teh kids. Now kids expect to see at least $2 from the fairy.

5. The first Dental Hygienist appeared in 1905. It was Dental Assistant Irene Newman. She was specially trained to clean people’s pearls.

6. Talc, coral powder, iron rust, pumice and alabaster were used instead of the toothpaste in Ancient Greece.

7. Teeth for George Washington were made from hippopotamus tusk, gold, elephant ivory and even human teeth!

8. ODONTALGIA is a quite difficult word to spell. The winner of the National Spelling Bee managed to spell this word correctly back in 1986 and win the contest. By the way, this word means toothache.