Create an irresistible smile with Invisalign treatment


Incorrect occlusion and uneven teeth are a rather unpleasant dental problem. Not only does the smile look unattractive – bite disorders also contribute to tooth decay, creating excellent conditions for caries and tartar.

For a long time there was only one way to correct the bite – metal or ceramic braces. Although such constructions are still used now, they have a number of drawbacks. Braces spoil your smile, negatively affect the tooth enamel and it is quite difficult to take care of them. Luckily enough, dental American company Align Technology has invented special unique aligners to make your teeth ideal.

Invisalign are so-called aligners, made of a completely transparent polymeric material and are a perfect alternative to braces. Invisalign qualitatively solves the problem of overbite, does not cause unpleasant sensations in the process of use and, what is essential for most of us, it does not make you shy of your smile. Moreover, such aligners do not impose restrictions on food, since they are easily removed before meals. They are always transparent and do not darken in case of long use, do not accumulate plaque and do not cause problems with diction.

How can I get Invisalign?

Invisalign is a patented product made in California only. However, you can purchase this aligner in whatever part of the world you happen to be. We’ll tell you the main steps of the process to make your teeth even.

  • To begin with, choose a qualified orthodontist who can diagnose and determine the shortcomings to be corrected.
  • Then a dental model is made and the final result is developed in 3D. A dentist prepares a step-by-step treatment plan.
  • All information and samples is sent to the Align Technology laboratory, where the set of the changeable aligners is produced according to your individual model.
  • After you receive your order, the doctor sets the first aligner or the pair of aligners, makes recommendations and schedules the next visit. Usually, you should change your aligners every 1-2 months depending on your case.

Is Invisalign suitable for me?

Without any doubt, Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment which is highly effective, completely unnoticeable and causes any discomfort. However, be aware that it is not suitable for everyone. This method of correction is used for adults and children with permanent teeth. As a rule, it occurs by 12 years. Invisalign is effective to eliminated the excess gap, or, vice versa, to correct the teeth overcrowding. Aligners are able to help patients having a so-called mesal bite, in which the lower jaw is slightly advanced, as well as to improve the bite shifted to the side. In some cases the Invisalign system works much better than metal braces.

Of course, like any other dental treatment system, Invisalign may cause some unpleasant moments. You will have to get used to wearing aligners for several days. All the patients feel the pressure on the teeth, but this shouldn’t frighten you. You sensations indicate that the system is working and you will feel this pressure every time you change the new aligner.

Invisalign should be worn almost constantly, but it is allowed to take it off during hygienic procedures and meals. So, it doesn’t affect your lifestyle and can be removed every time you need it – for example for a wedding or some other important occasion.

The patients, using Invisalign note, that the slight discomfort associated with wearing aligners is incomparable with a result obtained after treatment.