Kids Require Root Canal Treatment, Don’t They?


In fact, both adults and kids may require professional root canal treatment. However, kids and adults have treatments of this dental disorder. Our experienced dentists know for sure how to save the infected baby teeth of your sweet child.

When might your kid require this treatment?

Kids are as vulnerable to tooth decay as adults, though having infected teeth is more painful for children. The worst thing is that tooth decay tends to advance rapidly. That’s why regular dental checkups are so crucial for your kid. You want to avoid root canal treatmen t for your kid, don’t you? You’ve got a real chance to have this nasty tooth decay caught before it dares to reach your kid’s pulp and causes sharp pain.

Indirect pulp treatment

Our specialists are capable of treating relatively deep cavities where tooth decay hasn’t reached yet or exposes the pulp. We simply remove tooth decay and then apply a special antibacterial agent. We can line the cavity by means of special cement before the tooth is restored. The given materials are good at sterilizing the area where tooth decay was found. They also relieve inflammation in the pulp. Then a permanent dental filling can be employed, once we’re sure the procedure has met its objective.

Treating a tooth with decay on the pulp

If tooth decay has managed to reach the pulp, you kid will require a special procedure dubbed pulpotomy. In this case the pulp is partially removed with a 90% success rate. Pulpotomy is employed for treating decay in primary teeth with the exposed pulp and infected crown. During this procedure, our dental specialists will remove your kid’s pulp, while leaving the root canals intact. We’d like to inform you that the root canals extend down right into the tooth roots. Respectively, leaving them in place will keep the tooth partially vital. You should realize that treatment will reach its goals if the remaining tissue in the root is absolutely healthy. Otherwise, you child may require pulpectomy.


The given procedure efficiently removes the pulp tissue. It’s carried out if the infection is quite significant. In this case your kid may face a bit of pain and his or her cheek or gums may get swollen. In order to treat this properly, the dental specialist will drill into the tooth. As the result the infection will drain out. Additionally, certain antibiotics can be prescribed.

The procedure of the pulp removal has much common with an adult root canal treatment. The key objective is to get rid of all the infected tissues in the pulp and root canals. During the procedure the root canals are disinfected and filled to completely exclude reinfection. The filling material utilized is quite specific and it can be entirely absorbed by the body. You can’t underestimate the whole significance of this procedure for the primary teeth – when they’re shed naturally, the adult teeth will have more space.

The final stage includes restoration of the tooth using a stainless steel crown or a composite tooth colored resin one. By the way the given crowns are temporary. When the adult teeth emerge they will be removed.