A Low-Carb Diet

Cutting carbs off will definitely increase the protein amount in your ratio. Your organism will start to burn fat for energy. During this process such compounds as ketones appear. They are the reason of bad breath. Daily hygiene can’t solve this problem since it will not help you to get rid of bad breath. All you can do is just hide your bad breath away with sugar-free gum.

Cracked Teeth and Fillings

If you have cracked teeth or fillings, they can capture food particles. This will lead to bacteria spread. The spread of bacteria will cause gum diseases, cavities and definitely bad breath. Uncomfortable dentures can also result in some serious problems. That is why you must make sure your teeth are safe by visiting your dentist regularly.

The Tongue

Bad breath is mostly caused by the bacteria hidden on the surface of the tongue. Use toothbrushes to clean your tongue. There also are specially developed tongue scrapers. They better fulfil this kind of job. The ones that have plastic bristle are not safe as they can snap. The metal ones have proven to be unsafe as well because they can be too sharp.


There is a whole bunch of prescribed medicine that can stifle the flow of saliva. Allergy medicine and antidepressants are among them. Saliva washes bacteria and food particles away and helps to get rid of bad breath. Not all people can change their medications because of the state of their health and certain reactions of their organism on other kinds of meds. The American Dental Association says that it is crucial to hydrate your organism and mouth. Using sugar-free gum will keep your oral cavity moist. There are special oral rinses on the market. They can also be helpful.


Or Acid Reflux Heartburn and Acid Reflux are the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease. This is a common problem with digestion. The thing is that some undigested food can come back up. The irritation from stomach acid can also give you postnasal drip. These may be the reasons of your bad breath. If heartburn is a common thing for you, you should turn for help to your doctor.

Happy Hour

A night out can cause more problems that you think. Alcohol is a liquid, but it is not the substance that helps your oral cavity to stay healthy. This liquid dries out the mouth and bacteria that cause bad breath spread. By the way, cigarettes, caffeine drinks and spicy foods also dry your mouth cavity out. The “morning breath” is explained by the lack of saliva produced over night. There also is a special medical term for bad breath, it is halitosis.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit contain tons of sugar. You should understand that smell-causing bacteria enjoy sugar. For example, would you eat 4-5 teaspoons of pure sugar? No. But would you ear ¼ cup of dried apricots or raisins? Yes, you would. And this small amount of dried fruit does contain 4 or even 5 teaspoons of sugar! Besides, this kind of fruit is very sticky. The particles will get trapped between your grinders. Don’t forget to brush and floss after consuming dried fruit.

The Common Cold

Bronchitis, colds and other respiratory tract infections bring more harm than you can even think of. Smell-causing bacteria love feeding on mucus. Your running nose will be a great canteen for the bacteria and your breath will not smell good in the result.

Tonsil Stones

Tonsil stones are developed from mucus and hardened bacteria. These whitish clusters get trapped in the ridges of the tonsils and the back part of the tongue. Actually, these things are not harmful, but they cause this bad odour. With some time they will dislodge by themselves, but gargling with salt water will speed-up the process. You can also ask your dentist about your personal options for treating this problem.

An Ulcer

The ulcer itself is not always an issue. The Journal of Medical Microbiology has conducted a study and states that Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria causing ulcer, can provoke bad mouth cavity odour. You can ask your dentist to make a test and prescribe antibiotics in case you have it.