Learning More about Tooth Discoloration in New York


A great number of people complain on tooth discoloration. Of course, no one would appreciate numerous stains and this gloomy yellow color in his or her mouth. Dental specialists usually tackle this problem by employing such advanced techniques as Opalescence, Britesmile and Zoom whitening.

Even after professional whitening procedures people keep fighting stains with special toothpastes, chewing gums, whitening strips and take-home trays.

Types of tooth discoloration

Dentists normally define two key types of tooth discoloration: intrinsic and extrinsic.

Intrinsic discoloration is carried out within the inner structure of the tooth, dubbed the dentin. On the contrary, extrinsic discoloration takes place in the outer area of the tooth, known as the enamel. Veneers are considered to be an effective remedy against intrinsic staining, while a variety of chemical whitening techniques efficiently work against extrinsic staining.

Why does this happen?

Tooth discoloration is caused by many things, including foods, drinks, diseases, poor dental hygiene, medications, genetics, aging, environment, traumas and even some dental procedures.

Tooth discoloration treatments Before getting down to a particular treatment option, the dentist works out a custom treatment plan to precisely address the patient’s dental problem. Gum disease and tooth decay may require additional treatments before moving to whitening procedures.

Discoloration treatment options

Decent dental hygiene

That’s the simplest and the most pocket-friendly way of maintaining your teeth in a good condition. Just floss and brush your teeth regularly and most likely you won’t require teeth whitening services in the long term.

Tooth whitening procedures

There are four types of tooth whitening procedures: in-office whitening, dentist-dispensed at-home bleaching, consumer-purchased at-home whitening products and other non-dental office options.

At-home bleaching

Some dentists are assured that dispensed at-home whitening kits give the best results in the long term. This whitening option worth of $100-500 is provided in the form of special gels, kits and strips.

In-office whitening

Sure, you can purchases specialized kits and do it on your own, but by simply entrusting your mouth to professionals you’ll save your time and avoid unwanted consequences of non-professional treatments.

The experienced new york ny dentist, West Village Dental Medicine will easily cope with both intrinsic and extrinsic tooth discoloration for about $650 per visit.

Consumer-purchased at-home whitening products

That’s a good cost-effective alternative to expensive professional in-office whitening procedures. These products contain a low-concentration bleaching agent and can be found in many drug stores, supermarkets and on the net.

Other non-dental office treatments

These whitening products including crowns, composite bonding and veneers can be purchased in spas, salons and mall kiosks. Cruise ships and airports also offer this stuff worth of $200.

Maintenance and prevention

If you are about to save on whitening products and procedures, stay away from stain-causing beverages and foods. If you aren’t going to refuse of these daily tasty things, rinse your mouth or better clean your teeth after taking any of this stain-causing stuff. If you’re unable to tackle your dental problem on your own, opt for online appointments for dentist.