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Behavior Management and Special Needs Dentistry in NYC Pediatric Dental Services

These days a great number of kids face dental fear, thus making their dental checkups very difficult to handle. Obviously, fear arises from the unfamiliar environment, strange sights and sounds. Fortunately, Village Dental Medicine is good at providing kids with a positive dental experience. We’ve been successfully using advanced behavior guidance methods, enabling us to calm any child down and make him or her think positives of dental visits.

Kids with dental anxiety

Most kids associate dental checkups with a nightmare or something like this. Needless to say, they feel uncomfortable and frightened in the weird and unfamiliar environment. We use effective techniques for establishing a peaceful and friendly relationship with our small patients. We’ll make the first dental visit fun and relaxed – just one checkup and tooth brushing. Due to the laughing gas therapy, your kid will feel relaxed, thus making the dental procedure more efficient.

Kids with special needs

Kids with special needs are usually worried and sensitive. The unfamiliar dental environment frightens them. Respectively, they need specific dental plans as well as customized healthcare. To calm such kids down they’re offered the so called “office tour”. So, we simply turn our office into a fun and safe place. We’ll discuss the best approach to your kid with you and ensure she or he is ready for the first dental checkup.
As you might have guessed kids with special needs are extremely vulnerable to dental injuries and traumas because of seizures, accidents and strong bit. Our specialists will provide you with all the necessary skills and tips on what to do in case of emergency. You’ll learn how to provide dental care to your kid at home.