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Sedation Anesthesia and Dentistry, Pediatric dentist NY

It’s so sad that dental checkups often frighten kids. That’s especially true for children with special needs or anxiety problems. To avoid uncontrolled movements and ensure sufficient safety of dental procedures, sedation needs to be utilized. Due to sedation the kid will be kept calm and relaxed, so the dentist could focus on his or her job.

Sedation Anesthesia and Dentistry: Nitrous Oxide

When talking about sedation, we often mention laughing gas, officially dubbed nitrous oxide. It efficiently reduces anxiety and decreases pain. Those kids who are afraid of noises, light and sounds of dental instruments can’t do without nitrous oxide. During the gas therapy, the kid stays conscious and can even talk to the doctor till the end of the procedure. By composition, it’s a blend of oxygen and nitrous oxide and tend to eliminate during normal breathing. Fortunately, this substance isn’t addictive. Before the gas therapy the patient should have a light meal as heavy meals may provoke nausea.

Sedation Anesthesia and Dentistry: General Anesthesia

In some situations, general anesthesia is the only possible sedation option to provide high quality treatment to the patient. In this case, the kid stays unconscious during the whole procedure and after this he or she has nothing to recall.
Considerable dental phobia is a serious obstacle towards successful treatment. Special needs also don’t suggest light sedation. That’s where general anesthesia can be efficient. Of course, the given sedation option should be discussed with parent beforehand.

Sedation Pediatric Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is built around sedation medication, which is good at relaxing the kid and making him or her calm till the end of the procedure. The sedative effect is similar to nitrous oxide – the patient will be conscious and absolutely relaxed during the procedure.