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Sports Dentistry – Mouth Guards Care at Manhattan Pediatric dental services in NY

Sports dentistry focus on children with active lifestyles who take part in sports activities. Dentists of Village Dental Medicine encourage kids to be active as it helps them to stay healthy. However, sports activities require adequate protection. In this case, we mean kids’ jaws and teeth. So your kid needs a helmet as well as other protective accessories.

Customized Mouth Guards

The vast majority of sportsmen are prone to facial injuries. If your kid can’t imagine his or her life without sports activities, you’d better purchase customized mouth guard for him or her. That’s a custom-made plastic dental protection. It will fit ideally in your kid’s mouth, so your kid’s facial structures and teeth will be reliable protected. Mouth guards are normally odorless and tasteless. They’re also easy to wear and don’t cause problems when talking and breathing. If your kid goes in for soccer, skiing, skateboarding and other similar sports activities, then it’s up to you to get this stuff for him or her. Mouth guards can be easily adjusted to provide extra protection on certain areas. That’s another pleasant nuance – they fit erupting teeth! Moreover, mouth guards can even fit already installed braces.

Mouth Guard Care

It’s not a problem at all to take care of mouth guards. They require a perforated container to provide storage with free air circulation. Before putting this stuff on, your kid requires rinsing his or her mouth with cold water. Avoid hot water and direct sunlight on the mouth guard as it may lose its properties. Once mouth guard gets loose or uncomfortable, it should be replaced.