Veneers is one of the best ways of dental microprosthesis. By this method, dentists mean a smile renewal treatment thus making it more esthetic, beautiful and healthy. In general, veneers represent thin plates, covering the front surface of the teeth. Their main aim is to align teeth, change their color and make a beautiful smile.

Here are the most common reasons of why people implement veneer treatment.

  • slight cracks on teeth;
  • changing the color of the enamel;
  • tetracycline teeth, fluorosis;
  • dental fillings’ color change;
  • spaces between the teeth;
  • slight changes in the placing.

Nowadays this kind of treatment provokes a lot of disputes in dentistry because of two main factors. The first one is about them being the most conventional choice for restoring smile aesthetics. It turns in a possible and a fast way to get this desired nice-looking “Hollywood smile”. Nevertheless, some may argue about the price. In any case, a patient should be aware of potential aspects of the question at first and then select whether it is worthy or not.

Very often people compare veneers with dental crowns and think that there is no difference at all, thought there is a difference. Veneers and dental crowns have different medical indications. The main aim of dental crowns usage is intended for restoration of certain parts of the functional part of the tooth. On contrary, the point of this kind of treatment involves restoration of various aesthetic issues. The veneers and crowns also differ in the installation process. The veneers are fixed on the front surface while crowns are fixed on the entire tooth after its previous sharpening.

If you wonder what veneers to choose, ceramic or porcelain, you might be surprised to find out them being the same things. The advertising makes it like two separate methods of restoring, including innovative techniques and material veneers are made of. In fact, this trick makes people, unfamiliar with the topic, take it as a true. Not less essential part of the question is about its price. Modern technologies allow new opportunities to anesthetize the procedure as well as making the final effect exceed all expectations. This also concerns the material veneers are made of – expensive ones are made for each person individually and from different material. There is another option of veneers, previously formed but adjusted to suit better. Of course, the last decision is cheaper. The modification reveal itself also in the final look of a smile as well as strength, reliability and durability. Experienced dentists describe it as one of the most affordable and high quality smile renewal.

There are many options to choose from to any budget. Ceramic or porcelain veneers do not stain, fit tightly to the tooth surface and do not change color over time. There is one more type of veneers called composite, made of the same materials as dental fillings. Quite often dentists install them directly in the oral cavity and it takes just a couple of visits. This are the cheapest veneers among all the existing, but there is a reason why they are less popular or sometimes even not recommended. During the installation there is still a little space left between the tooth’s front part and the plate itself, thus not preventing appearance of bacteria which later leads to the slow destroying of the tooth. Additionally, they are of poor quality and can change color throughout exploitation.