Giving people reasons to smile is very pleasant. It is great to know that you are the reason of someone’s smile, is not it? There are lots of wonderful quotes about smiling. Get acquainted with some of them here.

An old proverb says that if you see a close to you person who is not smiling, you should share your own smile with this person.

According to Mark Twain, a famous American writer, wrinkles are not bad, as they hint on the smiles our face has produced.

An unknown, but definitely wise person told that a smile can be the shortest distance between two persons.

A well-known American humorist Evan Esar claimed that a person cannot be completely dressed if he or she does not wear a smile.

Another unknown man of wisdom stated that if a person smiles at someone, he or she may receive a smile back.

Dr. Seuss, a prominent American children’s writer, considered that if something has passed, one should not cry because of it. According to him, if something is over, one should smile because it has happened.

The last, but not the least proverb by an unknown perceives a smile as the light in the window of one’s face. This light assures people that the person is at home.