Scary Facts about Parodontosis


You are lucky if you don’t know what periodontosis is. This illness damages almost all the oral organs - bones, gums, membranes, mucous and ligaments. Sometimes it is so problematic to set the early stage of this problem. Let’s see how to know if you have periodontal disease.

In the very beginning periodontosis usually doesn’t cause painful or other unpleasant feelings. The disease develops asymptomatically, destroying tissues around teeth gradually. Therefore, patients, do not hurry to the dentist.

Pathological process has noninflammatory character, and the tooth neck becomes bare due to damaged gums. However, a tooth maintains good fixation, at the same time its neck has hyper sensibility. In most cases that is the reason why patients do not define signs and symptoms of periodontal disease. But progressing, step by step, it can lead to severe problems.

Very important question is how to diagnose periodontal disease before it is not too late. Preliminary diagnosis can be set by signs like these:

  • Tooth plaque is almost absent
  • Teeth remain steady even if bone tissue is decreasing
  • Mucous and gums are bloodless and inflammatory process is absent.
  • As a rule, necks uncovering is typical for most teeth, but fangs get bared at the late stages.
  • Periodontosis is combined with enamel erosion, its pathological erasability and wedge-shaped defect.
  • At light severity, there are no periodontal (gingival) pockets; it is the main distinctive symptom of periodontosis from other oral cavity issues.

Such symptoms allow to suspect periodontosis, but consultation of a specialist is necessary for diagnosing. Periodontal treatment It is almost impossible to cure the illness completely, but modern stomatology offers several options to fight with it. Set of measures includes:

  • Removal of dental plaque
  • Caries prevention
  • Using of splints for strengthening gum tissue at late stages (splintage)
  • Anti- inflammatory medicamentous therapy
  • Physical therapy, including laser
  • Ultrasonic treatment, impact on gums and teeth by means of ultrasound
  • Surgeries by replacing thick tissues, therefore the esthetic view, but the procedure does not remove the main reason of the problem.

Periodontal Disease Facts

Here are some facts which can cause periodontal disease:

  1. Weak immunity
  2. Genetical inheritance
  3. Diabetes
  4. Vessels atherosclerosis
  5. Violations of a gastro intestinal path work

That is why it is so important to determine early periodontal disease and to keep in mind that timely prevention will prolong health of an oral cavity for a long time. These are the things like: teeth hygiene, toothbrushing, regular doctor surveys, gums massage and healthy lifestyle. It is desirable to stop smoking, cause it often provokes numerous diseases. It is important to remember, that daily hygiene is the main prophylactic thing, that’s why it’s necessary to rinse a mouth after each snack and use sugar free chewing gum. Big mistake of patients is to take periodontosis lightly. As a rule, people think that the disease cures itself. However, it can lead to teeth loss and cause gums sickness and bad breath. The correct combination of responsibility and right attitude towards health will help to solve this unpleasant problem and to keep a beautiful smile.