Your smile can tell a lot – how does it affect your personality?


You can hardly find a person who would not pay attention to his or her appearance, body, outfit, etc. In this term, we can create our unique style to feel more confident and to stand out from the crowds on the streets as well. But do you know what is the most important and interesting about this? According to studies, during the first meeting, 48% of people pay attention not to the look, but to the smile. And 25% think it is words you say. Could you imagine how much attention is put on your face, smile in particular? By the way, it can say much more about your personality, so let’s find it out.

It is clear that the teeth show how healthy we are, as they are in charge of many vital processes, like food intakes, for instance. Oral health stands for the overall feeling of an organism, and various dental issues indicate wider problems. Besides, they are a display of people’s bad habits – cigarettes, alcohol, too much coffee, bad ratio, schedule, etc. So, do you still think it is not important? Dentists assure that the teeth of a person display all the processes that occur inside his body. According to the status of a particular tooth, information on the work of a group of organs can be obtained. There are a couple examples:

  • Any minor damage or pain in the two front upper and lower teeth signals a malfunction in the kidneys, ears, and bladder.
  • If the fangs ache, then check the work of the liver and gallbladder.
  • Small molars carry information about the state of the intestine and lungs, large molars - about the spleen, pancreas, and stomach.
  • If they are affected by caries, then revise your diet to avoid further progression of digestive system diseases.

A beautiful smile makes people times more attractive

When communicating with someone, he will definitely treat your beautiful smile as a health state. However, there is another not less interesting side of the question. Your set of teeth complement to your salary. It is not a joke as others really think so. 58% of Americans perceive people with healthy teeth as wealthy persons. They consider that you have money to guarantee good looking impression, compared to someone else. Owning straight, white teeth you are likely to be a successful one. These two factors are tied together, no doubt.

The third factor to focus on is about your IQ. You would not believe, but the same as with your social status and salary, smile effects how you are perceived by others. On the unconscious level, people treat you as an intelligent person. The study showed that a man or a woman with health “mouth” looks more attractive, smart, wise and so on.

And this characteristic can divide people into two parties. The first group received a beautiful smile from nature and have not been suffering any serious problems since the early childhood. The second one had been trying various healing procedures and constantly have been making appointments with the dentists. There are no right or wrong method for both of them, but the only important task is to pay attention to your smile. Regular checkups, balanced diet, healthy lifestyle and other similar things will show that you carry about your body. Consequently, this will boost up your personality in others opinion – attractive, intelligent, smart, successful.