Interesting fact. In her youth, Julia Roberts had serious hang-ups because of her big mouth. After numerous dental manipulations, a wide, radiant smile became the actress's carte de visite. How to achieve the same Hollywood smile with perfect whiteness?

You have tried different kinds of toothpastes and dental gels but the effect is not noticeable. Well, there is one way to deal with it – come to us for whitening. This is the easiest and gentle way to become the owner of a bright white smile.

Hasten to let you know, there is a small “but” – your teeth should be completely healthy.

Teeth whitening is a perfect procedure for you if natural color of the enamel has changed because of food coloring, or there were some spots on the enamel. Also the reason could be age yellowness, wearing braces, or you just want to lighten your smile.

The result of enamel whitening remains from 6 months up to 2 years. Everything depends on the structure and enamel color, and, of course, on the regularity of cleaning the mouth cavity.

Gentle whitening procedure

They write in the blogs and forums that “It damages the enamel”. Well, we may agree with it five years ago, but not now. New techniques allow us to remove pigmented spots with a laser in a very delicately way, without affecting the sensitivity of enamel.

Even if the problem appears, dentist will immediately solve it: he will level the color, take care of gums, and will recommend you the right tooth paste. After such gentle whitening your smile will become not only perfectly white, but also healthier than before.

Of course, you may say that even in do-it- yourself conditions you can whiten your teeth on your own at home, but get the most sparing effect can be provided only by a professional dentist. Moreover, you will not be able to lighten the enamel for 5-10 tones at home either.

Before procedure

We strongly recommend you to examine your teeth so the dentist is convinced that your moth cavity is healthy. Make a professional cleaning. Come for whitening procedure. And the result will exceed all your expectations.


Not all teeth can be whitened. Perfect smile for such procedure is the one with a yellowish shade. It is easier to lighten than grey enamel. The result depends on the current state of enamel and reasons for which it changed color. Our hygienist-periodontist will examine your jaw and tell you about the possible result.

White effect duration

As a rule, the effect lasts from 6 months up to 2 years. To fix the result, use whitening gels that the dentist will prescribe to you. Refuse products with any colorings – wine, coffee, berries. Manage your mouth hygiene and visit dentist for preventive examining.

If you follow the rules listed below, we can guarantee that the result will please you.

  • Before whitening always visit a dentist first.
  • If necessary, do a professional cleaning.
  • Before and after whitening procedure you will be appointed remineralizing therapy, which must be completed in order to keep your mouth cavity healthy.
  • After procedure observe a “transparent” diet for 48 hours. Refuse any coloring products: coffee, chocolate, red wine, tea, berries and fruits, as well as from tobacco products.
  • Adhere to moth hygiene – brush your teeth 2 times a day, use a thread, mouth rinse.


Plombages, dental veneers and lumineers, dental crowns, implants and other permanent structures can not be whitened.

According to researches of Texas psychologist Daniel Hamermesh, smiling people have a salary approximately 20% higher than gloomy employees. At the same time, their functional duties are 20% lighter than those of colleagues.