Top tips for healthy teen teeth


If you’re a parent of a teenager - of course, you care about your kid growing up healthy and smiling. Dental health plays an important role in the general health state of every teenager since cavities is the most common disease among kids from five to seventeen years of age. One of the reasons for that is that this is the age when children start to acquire more independence over their eating habits and are not being controlled by parents as when they were younger.

We are not into promoting "control your child" lifestyle, but rather just offering few advices on how to help your teenagers keep their teeth healthy and strong:

  • If a teenager is leading an active lifestyle –it’s mandatory to protect his/her teeth during sports. You may use protective sealants, but even better solution would be to order a custom-made mouthguard for the child, which will save you thousands of dollars in post-surgery restorative dental care and lots of time spent at the dentist’ office.
  • Discourage your teenager from any oral piercings. While being perceived as means of self- expression, they may cause serious mouth infections, break teeth and damage enamel, increase risk of cavities and even cause speech problems. So, if in need of self-expression – rather motivate him/her to learn how to play chess or participate in a local dance competition.
  • Stop drinking soft drinks yourself and try to eliminate this habit in your house. Sodas contain extremely high amount of sugar and acids, which damage teeth. While avoiding sodas, your teenager will not only protect his/her teeth, but lower risk of diabetes and prevent many other diseases. Plain water is the best drink for consumption. If you really can’t live without soft drinks – try to use the straw every time you drink them and rinse mouth with water afterwards.
  • Avoid sweet snacks and rather consume “healthy” ones like carrots, apples, and other crunchy fruit and vegetables. Visit dentist office regularly every 6 six months for dental cleaning and basic checkup. Make sure you brush and floss your teeth regularly twice a day.

All mentioned above tips are quite easy to follow and will bring great results to the overall state of your teenagers’ dental health.