It’s quite a well known fact that one of the keys of a good dental health is our nutrition. For kids it’s particularly important. Very often we let children consume lots of soft carbonated drinks and sweet snacks, which ruin their teeth enamel and lead to cavities.

We encourage parents to introduce their child from early years to healthy sugarless food. If you get your child into the habit of eating lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grain foods and avoid carbonated drinks, you will make a great input into his or her future health & well being. Besides being a great foundation for good dental health, it will play a great role in preventing diabetes and various heart diseases in future.

Healthy Snacks

Once your child is used to the healthy food at home, he will feel less tempted to consume all kind of junk food when he or she goes to kindergarten or school. Nevertheless, always pack for your child healthy snacks, so that he doesn’t have a feeling of hunger throughout the day. Baby carrots, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, grapes and all kinds of other fruits and vegetables make great snacks. Homemade dips out of hummus or yoghurt also will work great. For drink offer your child freshly squeezed juice or flavored water – it will be a great alternative to chocolate milk or coke. If your child wants something sweet – offer her or him a mix of dried fruit or nuts, but make sure they rinse their mouth afterwards, since dried fruit have a tendency to stick to the teeth.

Make sure your children understand the positive effect of healthy food in his or her life and at the same time have a habit of eating healthy food. Trust us, they will appreciate it in their future life.