You should know that there’re lots of things, which can hurt your teeth. The first one is flossing and brushing your teeth not on a regular basis. The second danger is neglecting the necessity of visiting our dental offices. However, some things appear to be not as obvious, harmful and just.

As we discuss certain things, which could be hurting for your teeth, you’ll most likely notice that one of them is quite good for you. Accordingly, don’t stop doing this. You’d better go on pursuing your healthy lifestyle and add extra steps to counter any negative effects on your grin caused by the activities mentioned below.

Cardiovascular exercise

There’s no doubt that cardio exercise is an essential practice for any healthy organism. On the other hand, it can be quite dangerous for your friendly smile. For instance, a recent study, conducted by a team of German scientists, figured out that those who took part in endurance training, in particular prolonged periods of cardio, had more tooth erosion compared to those who didn’t do exercises. Apart from that, the more time a week you spend on your cardio, the more negative consequences for your oral cavity you’ll have, including even decay.

If cardio isn’t so good for the rest of your organism, then it’s unclear why it’s so bad for your smile. The matter is that cardio reduces the amount of saliva, while this substance is required to fight acid. Respectively, without it, you’ll drastically increase the chance for cavities. In order to withstand this, you should chew sugarless gum during your workouts.

Chewing ice

Crunching ice is an extremely refreshing thing, especially when it’s hot. Unfortunately, this can be really bad for your teeth. You should realize that cold and hard ice isn’t suitable for crunching, to put it mildly. The given substance is too hard for your teeth, while the extreme temperature changes put your teeth at high risk. To be exact you may obtain cracks in the teeth where bacteria reproduce and cause decay. Moreover, if you don’t care about these cracks and go on with your ice crunching, you’ll most likely crack off a piece of your tooth. Just leave your ice in the cup and drink the water once it’s melted.


Another popular summer activity is drinking a cold lemonade right after working outside in a hot day. Though this drink is quite refreshing, it’s also an ideal mixture to cause decay. To start with, we should consider acid – lemons a flooded with this substance. Another crucial hazard found in the drink is sugar. When combined together and sipped slowly, sugar and acid fuel the bacteria in your mouth. As a result, you end up with the enamel erosion and tooth decay. You’d better drink water with lemon slices.

Everybody at our dental offices is eagerly looking forward to provide you with all the required knowledge you require to keep your mouth healthy. If you can’t imagine your life without those small “pleasures” illustrated above, ask us about efficient ways to counteract dental threats.