Restorative Dentistry for Kids at Greenwich, West Village 10014

As you know, Village Dental Medicine mainly specializes in preventive dentistry. However, in some sutuations a child’s teeth need exactly restorative pediatric dental treatment. We know how to handle the damaged kid’s teeth and offer a wide range of effective solutions, including crowns, fillings, space maintainers and nerve treatments. Of course, there isn’t a solution, which could fit all kids, because every kid is absolutely unique and respectively requires individual approach. Any restorative treatments begins with thorough dental examination. Then, the doctor will offer one of the dental restorative solutions illustrated here below.

White Fillings for Kids in the Pediatric Restorative Dentistry

A great number of kids suffer from dental caries, also dubbed cavities. The given dental disaster is provoked by the bacteria, creating acidic environment and damaging the tooth structure. It’s evident the earlier this dental disorder is detected the more efficient treatment will be. As usual, cavities are found during regular checkups. Once cavities are discovered, the doctor gets down to cleaning the kid’s teeth. First, the dentist will remove the decayed part and utilize the filling to protect the patient’s teeth from bacteria. For this purpose composite white fillings are employed. They’re made of quartz, glass or plastic resin. All these materials successfully emulate the natural color of teeth. Needless to say, these fillings are safe to use.

Esthetic Crowns for Kids in the Restorative Dentistry

Cavities are normally repaired by means of fillings. If the caries appears to be serious, your kid may need a dental crown. That’s a special protective cover placed on the patient’s tooth and it covers it to the gum line. Crowns are good at stabilizing and strengthening teeth. They effectively restore their structure. Resin white crowns are employed to strengthen decaying front teeth. As for metallic silver crowns, they’re normally placed on molars as they endure more pressure when taking meals.

Nerve Treatment in Children

Traumas or deep decay may damage the tooth nerve. Unfortunately, this may end up a serious infection or even tooth loss. This will require performing pulpotomy – the damaged nerve will be extracted from the crown, while the crown will be filled using special sedative material. Then, a dental crown will be installed.

Space Maintainers for Kids

Cavities and traumas has always threatened baby teeth. The worst thing is that the surrounding teeth may suffer. That’s the exact case where space maintainers should be employed. Due to them permanent teeth will erupt in the proper way. Space maintainers are made of plastic, stainless steel. They will be removed once permanent teeth start erupting. You can hardly find a better remedy against crooked or overcrowding teeth. By using this stuff your kid may avoid unwanted orthodontic issues in the future.