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In the modern world, most people dream of having an attractive snow-white smile and teeth whitening plays a major role in this. Our teeth are constantly exposed to various dyes that are contained in foods, drinks, and medicines. Also, the abuse of bad habits, such as smoking, worsens the condition of the enamel. The result is a discoloration of the teeth. If you are faced with such a problem, professionals in Village Dental Medicine clinic can help you. We focus on cosmetic dentistry to help people improve their smiles.

Is Teeth Whitening Bad for Your Teeth?

Beautiful white teeth are an element of modern culture, a symbol of health and success. Modern technologies help to make dreams come true. Nowadays, there are several methods with reasonable teeth whitening price. But the question often arises: how harmful can such a procedure be and are there any contraindications?

The principle of any type of whitening is based on a chemical reaction that occurs due to a special gel that is applied to the teeth. To speed up the reaction and improve the effect, a special lamp, laser, or ultrasound are used. Thus, whitening does not damage the enamel and there are no negative consequences for the dental tissue in general. Sensitivity during the procedure may occur due to high concentrations in the gel composition or over-drying of the enamel.

It is important to remember that any type of dental whitening is contraindicated for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Also, an important factor is an allergy to drugs and substances contained in the whitening gel. Patients who have thin damaged enamel, caries, and other periodontal diseases should also postpone this procedure.

Dentists at the Village Dental Medicine clinic in Greenwich Village treat their work with high professionalism. They conduct a thorough diagnosis before the procedure and select the most optimal method to whiten teeth, avoiding possible complications. For the comfort of patients, our clinic in West Village provides both in-office and take-home tooth whitening options.

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In-Office Teeth Whitening

This method of whitening involves the implementation of all stages in the dental clinic. Often, its effectiveness is already evident during one visit. However, depending on the individual characteristics and needs of the patient, several additional procedures may be necessary. In-office whitening is most often recommended because of its significant benefits.

First of all, it is important to note that the whitening procedure is carried out under the full control of the attending dentist, who monitors the application of the composition, determines the optimal contact time of the whitening gel with the enamel, and also evaluates the result. For the whitening to be of high quality, the specialist conducts professional teeth cleaning and sanitation of the oral cavity. Thanks to a professional approach, it is possible to safely whiten teeth up to 12 tones. For professional teeth whitening, the dentist uses various effective methods, including laser whitening and Zoom technology.

The first method is the most effective and safe, providing a lasting result. The main advantage of the laser teeth whitening method is that it can be used on damaged teeth with cracks and chips. As for the Zoom technology, a special UV lamp is used here, which illuminates the whitening gel. This is one of the fastest teeth whitening methods and is suitable even for people with hypersensitive enamel.

In addition, dentists can also use chemical and mechanical bleaching (Air-Flow technology). These methods are used without the use of additional activation tools. Regardless of the type of whitening chosen, it is important to understand that such methods can only be performed by an experienced specialist in a dental clinic.

Take-home Teeth Whitening

To ensure the safety and quality of home teeth whitening, it is recommended to visit a dentist first. It is the specialist who will be able to conduct the necessary examination, select the appropriate tool and ensure the correct high-quality preparation for the procedure.

For teeth whitening at home, special kits are used, consisting of a whitening gel with hydrogen peroxide and dental caps, which can be both universal and custom-made. This is the best at-home teeth whitening treatment, which may be a safe option, provided that the drug is selected by the attending physician, and the patient strictly follows the instructions. The advantages of this whitening method are that the procedure can be carried out independently and gel caps can be used even at night while sleeping. The result is well controlled since for take-home teeth whitening, soft, gentle products are used that lighten the enamel gradually.

Some patients practice natural teeth whitening methods such as rinsing with baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. It is worth noting that this method only slightly brightens the enamel and at the same time can harm the health of the oral cavity. It is best to stick to the treatment prescribed by the specialist.

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Teeth Whitening Treatment at Village Dental Medicine

Our clinic in Greenwich Village uses modern methods and advanced technologies for teeth whitening service. Experienced specialists take care of the comfort and safety of patients during the procedure. At Village Dental Medicine, we pay special attention to the individual needs of each client to achieve optimal results.

After consultation with our dentists, the most suitable whitening method will be selected for you, and believe us, we have something to offer you. Village Dental Medicine performs the best teeth whitening in NYC using a laser, UV lamps, and the popular Zoom method. Each of our patients can be sure of the quality of services provided.

How is the whitening procedure carried out? It all starts with a thorough examination of the oral cavity and consultation about the desired shade. Then a professional hygienic cleaning is carried out: plaque and tartar are removed. To isolate the gums, the cofferdam is applied, which is hardened by a dental lamp. After that, a special brightening gel is applied to the teeth from the outside, which is activated using a laser, UV lamp, or other device. At the end of the procedure, the gel and cofferdam are removed and the teeth are remineralized.

If you want the result after the teeth whitening procedure to last for a long time, you need to follow the recommendations of the dentist. This includes: eating a "clear" diet, not smoking, and good oral hygiene.

How Long Does it Take to Whiten Teeth?

As a rule, the procedure of professional teeth whitening takes from 40 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the condition of the patient's teeth, the chosen method of whitening, and the desired shade. Thanks to modern methods, you can achieve noticeable results in just one visit. However, if there are certain factors, it may take several sessions to whiten your teeth to the desired color. The result, with high-quality post-care, lasts up to two years. From time to time, you can visit the dentist to refresh to maintain clarification at the proper level.
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Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Unpleasant and even painful sensations during and after the whitening procedure are quite common and are the norm. The fact is that during the procedure, the components of the whitening gel penetrate deeply into the dentin and affect the pulp. As a result, teeth can react to external thermal and chemical stimuli. In most cases, discomfort and increased sensitivity of the teeth disappear within a couple of days. Usually, special toothpaste and mouthwashes help with this. If the pain does not go away and becomes stronger, you should immediately contact your dentist for medical help.

Teeth Whitening Price

Our clinic is located in the Greenwich Village area in Manhattan – one of the most prestigious NY boroughs. We believe that every resident deserves a beautiful and healthy smile, so we strive to make our services available to the widest possible audience. Our patients can receive quality dental procedures at affordable prices. You can get all the information about teeth whitening cost by contacting us. Visit our specialists at Village Dental Medicine near the Jefferson Market Garden and enjoy your perfect smile.