Cosmetic Dentistry Children: Esthetic Treatment

Esthetic treatment is an essential part of up-to-date pediatric cosmetic dentistry. Its primary concern is the appearance of kids’ teeth.

Kids Teeth Whitening

Though there’re lots of worthy teeth whitening services for adults, we’re often asked about efficient whitening solutions for kids. Village Dental Medicine provides specialized whitening procedures for kids, mostly teens. We present them new smiles, thus drastically boosting their self-confidence. However, it’s crucial to realize this option is available only for kids with all permanent teeth.

Kids Teeth Bonding

Kids often crack or chip their teeth when playing outdoors or participating in sports activities. That’s the exact situation where dental bonding will come in handy. The given procedure repairs the teeth and restores their strength. Dental bonding is a good alternative to veneers. It takes one visit to perform this treatment. Your kid won’t feel pain during the procedure.
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Treatment of Teeth Discoloration in Children

The dental enamel tends to lose its calcium over time. As a result white spot lesions emerge on teeth. By the way, this often occurs after orthodontic procedures because brackets aren’t easy to clean and the plaque builds up on the teeth. Due to deficit of vital minerals those white spots appear. Our specialists will perform re-calcifying treatment and apply fluoride just to harden the tooth enamel and avert cavities.