Pediatric Diagnostic Dentistry at Greenwich, West Village

As reputable and experienced specialists of Village Dental Medicine, we know for sure that the foundation of a kid’s oral health should be set as early as possible. Apart from the dental care your child gets at home, it’s highly recommended for your kid to have dental checkups at least twice a year. As for the first dental visit, it should occur by the kid’s first birthday. During these checkups our dentists will thoroughly assess your kid’s mouth, gums and not to mention teeth. They’ll determine the likelihood of emerging dental disorders and ensure the natural development of your kid’s facial structures.

Pediatric Diagnostics Dentistry: Digital Radiography

Our specialists will take X-Rays of your kid’s teeth to detect hidden structures or developing cavities. By the way, X-Rays used in our dental office produce 90% less radiation compared to film X-Rays, so they will be safe for your kid. By means of up-to-date radiography, we’ll evaluate growing teeth, check the bone development and perform customized orthodontic treatment if required. Obviously, digital X-Rays come in handy when the developing dental issue isn’t clearly visible yet, thus enabling our doctor to make adequate diagnosis and perform the right procedure. Perhaps, the doctor may require taking panoramic X-Rays or full-mouth series of X-Rays to better explore all the structures within the kid’s mouth.
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Pediatric Diagnostics Dentistry: Growth and Development Evaluation

Up-to-date diagnostics dentistry can’t do without evaluation of dental growth and development. That needs to be carried out in order to ensure a kid’s teeth and jaw are developing in the right way. These simple but extremely essential extraoral and intraoral exams prevent dangerous problems in the early stage and simplify treatments. In order to evaluate the exact relationship between kid’s lower and upper jaws, the dentist will carry out occlusal analysis. The given measure can avert tooth sensitivity, traumas in the future. Moreover, your kid may even avoid using braces. Problems with gums such as periodontitis or gingivitis can be timely neutralized by means of periodontal screening. A few other clinical tests such as TMJ screening can be carried out if required. Regular dental checkups is probably the most cost-effective method of preventing dental issues. The earlier our dentists examine your kid’s mouth, the better oral health he or she will have.