Pediatric Preventive Dentistry and Oral Health at Greenwich, West Village 10014

Village Dental Medicine is a successful example of preventive dentistry. We’re absolutely convinced that it’s crucial to instill a positive habit of taking care of teeth as soon as possible. Our staff is properly educated and trained to treat kids of all age groups. We’ll give parents and their children all the required tools, so they could benefit from dental care at home. The adequate preventative treatment is our concern number one as we believe it’s the true foundation of good oral health.
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Pediatric Preventive Dentistry: Dental Cleaning for Kids

Regular teeth cleanings are extremely useful for our oral health as they divert a variety of dental problems. Must-have procedures include flossing and brushing. They will efficiently keep your kid’s teeth from cavities and plaque. As a result plaque bacteria can’t accumulate on the smooth surfaces of teeth, thus drastically minimizing the risk of many dental disorders.

Pediatric Preventive Dentistry: Fluoride Polishing for Kids

That’s a very good dental procedure efficiently preventing tooth decay. However, your child may not require it right now. The pediatric dentist will look through the history of tooth cavity and assess your kid’s teeth to determine for sure whether the procedure is necessary or not. Fluoride polishing is simple enough and includes three stages: cleaning, drying and coating with fluoride varnish. This varnish protects teeth from decay, while strengthening enamel. The procedure should be carried out every three months.
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Essential Oral Hygiene Instructions in Children

Of course, every kid is unique and precious, so we’re ready to customize an individual plan for your child. The plan takes lots of crucial details into account, including family history, peculiarities of teeth and jaw development, habits, etc. The basic knowledge of dental care is what your kid should learn right now and we will certainly help to meet this vital objective. The sooner your child start with all of this, the more chances to escape dental surgery or orthodontic treatments he or she will have.

Dental Sealants for Children

Sealants are highly recommended for kids, who gained cavities, due to consuming foods with high acid levels and sugar. Dental sealants are thin BPA plastic coatings. They’re normally applied to the chewing surfaces of the teeth, thus effectively protecting them from decay. They last for up to five years and can be easily replaced.