Interceptive Orthodontic Care at Manhattan Pediatric Dentist in NYC

Obviously, the earlier you address orthodontic problems of your children the better results you’ll have. Kids have flexible and constantly growing skeletons and nature saves enough space for the eruption of permanent teeth. If you opt for orthodontic treatment on time, you’ll successfully prevent treatment or at least make it easier and less stressful. Besides this, you’ll save your precious time and money. Your kid should have the first dental checkup at the age of six. For the last few years orthodontic techniques have considerably developed, and now we can take advantage of simple and soft interventions and corrections, which can greatly minimize the needs for orthodontic services in the future. Village Dental Medicine identifies early orthodontic conditions and provides customized treatment plans in accordance with your kid’s dental needs. If your kid has bite issues, make use of orthodontic treatment immediately.
interceptive orthodontic care in nyc

Dental Crossbite in Children

Some kids tend to close their mouth their upper teeth being inside the loser teeth. That’s what professional dentists call “crossbite”. It’s provoked by pacifier sucking, prolonged thumb, mismatched lower and upper jaws, inheritance and other factors. When left untreated, this dental problem often leads to asymmetrical growth of jaws and face, receding gums, excessive wear of the tooth enamel, loose teeth and so on. Special palatal expanders are used to treat crossbite. They widen the patient’s upper arch gently to expand the upper jaw and harden it in the new place. Dental bracket can be employed in tandem with the expander. They can be also fixed once the expander is removed. It may take up to seven months to complete the procedure. The given procedure is especially efficient when the patient’s jaw are in the developing stage. It’s not recommended to put off treatment as crossbite may end up with oral surgery.
interceptive orthodontic care for kids in nyc

Dental Overcrowding in Children

That’s another common dental pediatric issue. In this case the kid’s jaw doesn’t have enough space for the erupting permanent teeth. As a result teeth push backward or forward and it’s very difficult to clean them. Furthermore, they’re getting more vulnerable to decay. Gradually teeth become crooked and provoke extra dental issues. Crooked teeth are usually hereditary. However, thumb-sucking can be also blamed for this. Space maintainers efficiently prevent overcrowding. They’re made fully customized to fit this particular kid and maintain enough room for his or her permanent teeth. Your kid can avoid many dental issues in the future, including fractured or loose teeth, dental erosion, jaw problems if he or she opt for pace maintainers. Hurry up to correct your kid’s bite issues with professional orthodontic intervention, while they’re still in the early stages.