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Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth and connected to them tissues, also known as false teeth or prosthetic devices. At Village Dental Medicine we offer two kinds of dentures – partial and complete dentures. Partial are used when some natural teeth are missing, complete are installed in cases when a person is missing all the teeth.

What Dentures to Choose?

Dentures were invented by our distant ancestors, whose food was completely natural and solid. Some texts from ancient Rome have reached us, giving evidence that jewellers and barbers of those times worked on dental prosthetics quite professionally for their level of civilization. The artificial teeth were made of human or animal bones and fixed with precious metal wire.
Today dentures have two tasks: restoration of the chewing function and aesthetics of a smile. Prosthetics also protects and preserves dentition and supports the operation of the mandibular joint.
The range of denture types is quite diverse today and reviews in the web can give you a hint. However, the final conclusion should be made by your dentist according to your individual situation and peculiarities. Book a visit in West Village Medicine clinic in NY to choose the best matching option for you.
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Types of Dental Dentures

Of course, every patient should learn the characteristics of every denture type in order to consciously give preference to one of the options. The choice criteria here are medical indications, the durability of the product, its convenience and cost.
Thanks to the technologies development, the dental industry offers various kinds of dentures today. The basic types are: permanent and removable.
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Permanent Dentures

The main advantage of this type is that your dentures will always be with you, being a full-fledged replacement of lost dentition.
Veneers are the small linings, which help to restore a broken and cracked tooth. Such type of dentures is very thin and invisible, but strong and durable. It can serve for 10-15 years without changing the colour and shape. Veneers are also used to correct the shape and size of teeth, conceal irregularities and offer a shining smile even if the natural enamel is yellow or grey. Crown is another permanent denture which is put on the top of the tooth like a cap. Such dentures are usually made of special ceramics – an innovative material which fully imitates natural enamel. Such crowns are extremely durable and are ideal for front teeth. However, don’t try to nibble nuts with them. Crowns are used in the case of strong or complete tooth destruction, but the healthy root. Implants – are artificial metal structures functioning like tooth roots. They are screwed into bone tissue if the natural root is absent. Afterwards, a crown or a bridge system is attached to the implant.
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Removable Dentures

These dentures can be removed by the patient himself when the need arises. Such prosthetic system is not needed during sleep and besides, it should be regularly cleaned with special liquids. Removable dentures are usually offered to seniors.

Acrylic and Flexible Dentures

Today, nylon dentures are the most popular if speaking about removable constructions. The main advantages are the following:
Softness, providing the greatest possible comfort and fast accustoming; Hypoallergenic, which distinguishes these dentures from their acrylic counterparts; Aesthetics and natural outlook. Flexible dentures are widely used due to their elasticity and convenience. The patient doesn’t experience discomfort after installation, which is unavoidable with acrylic systems. You can contact your local dentures clinic to find out the price for both options.
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Partial Dentures

Such type of dentures is used when the dentition is not completely damaged and only a certain area should be restored. In this case, the prosthesis can be fixed to the existing teeth.
Plastic systems have a low price, lightweight design, but are not very convenient when chewing food. Clasp dental prosthesis is very durable, comfortable and able to distribute loads. When making dentures like these, a dentist chooses metal for every patient individually. Such constructions can be fixed neatly to the tissues and quite light and convenient. Removable sectors are usually installed to a certain segment of jaw in which there are no teeth at all.
Without any doubt, both permanent and removable dentures require careful handling. Protect your dentures from damage and chemicals. If the integrity of your prosthesis is impaired, you shouldn’t wear it or try to repair yourself. It is strictly recommended to contact a dentists as soon as possible since the denture breakage can be hazardous for your health and life!