Emergency and Urgent Care at Greenwich, West Village 10014

Once you entrust your sweet child to Village Dental Medicine, be sure he or she will be treated professionally as your kid’s oral health is very important to our dental specialists. Our pediatric dentists are willing to provide appointments for all patients in pain. Contact our office if your kid is currently facing a pediatric dental emergency and an appointment will be scheduled almost instantly. Then, you’d better print out our phone number, so you could make use of it when required.
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Emergency and Urgent Dental Care: Reasons to Call a Pediatric Dentist

Your kid may be seriously injured, so you may require calling 911 or taking your kid to the nearest emergency room. Typical reasons to do this include non-stopping bleeding, loss of consciousness, nausea, gash, severe cut, blurred vision, slurred speech or something stuck in the mouth. If your child’s injury involves drastic tooth sensitivity to cold or hot, jaw pain, tooth pain, lost or cracked teeth, mouth wounds, locked jaw, then you’d better call Village Dental Medicine. Our specialists will assess your kid’s mouth, detects the dental problem and provide all necessary treatments to your child.
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Emergency and Urgent Pediatric Dental Care: Toothache

Undoubtedly, toothache is the most irritating and undesirable experiences your kid may face. At this stage it’s crucial to clearly identify the reason causing it. Otherwise, providing adequate treatment will be problematic. You require scheduling appointment for dental assess as soon as possible. Before you reach the dental office give your kid Tylenol or Ibuprofen as a temporary relief measure. You can also rinse his or her tooth with salt water and apply a cold compress. This will be good for soothing toothache. Avoid applying the heat right on the tooth or placing aspirin there – you may burn your kid’s gums.

Urgent Pediatric Dental Care: Lost or Knocked Out Teeth

If your kid has just faced a trauma and lost a tooth, it’s up to you to find out whether it’s a permanent tooth or a baby one. Then get down to scheduling an appointment with the dentist. You should realize that baby teeth are never placed back into the mouth because they can have rather a negative impact on erupting permanent teeth. if your kid’s permanent tooth is no longer in its place, you require keeping it moist. Then holding this stuff by the crown, place it back right into the socket. If you fail, place it in a glass of milk and got to the dental office. Don’t waste your time if you’re eager to save your child’s permanent tooth. If you’re lucky, we’ll re-implant it.

Emergency Pediatric Dental Care: Swelling

Sure, a swelling around the tooth isn’t for good. In this case bring your child to the dental office without delay as it may be an evident sign of tooth infection. The same is true for the swelling outside of your kid’s face – reach out to the doctor immediately. The sooner you take your kid to our office, the more you’ll do for your sweet child. Take advantage of regular dental checkups and make your kid wear protective mouth guards when participating in his or her sports activities. Thus, you’ll help you kid to avoid unwanted toothache or injury.