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Oral surgery is a branch of dental science that deals with the identification and surgical treatment of various pathologies in the jaw and face. Within this area, diagnostics and surgical interventions are carried out for various diseases associated with the anatomy of the maxillofacial zone. This includes the treatment of inflammatory processes, congenital anomalies and degenerative changes in the soft and bone tissues around the mouth and jaws, as well as the resolution of problems arising from a variety of factors, including infections and mechanical damage.

Village Dental Medicine's team of specialists specializes in providing high quality oral surgery service in Greenwich Village. We offer a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic measures for various diseases and pathologies of the oral cavity. We offer diagnostic, examination, and surgical treatment of various diseases and pathologies of the oral cavity.

Today, oral surgery in Manhattan is one of the most sought-after areas of medicine that will help you cope with many complex dental problems, such as:

  • gum recession;
  • lack of teeth;
  • jaw cysts;
  • inflammation of the salivary glands;
  • pain in the gums, accompanied by swelling;
  • removal of wisdom teeth;
  • osteomyelitis;
  • abscesses of the maxillofacial region;
  • jaw fractures, etc.

Oral surgery is conducted for purposes such as diagnosing the underlying reasons behind persistent tooth pain, preparing for dental implants and prosthetics, and even reconstructing the jaw to rectify misalignment issues. Contradictions to undergoing operations in the maxillofacial region are categorized as either relative or absolute. The specific roster of contraindications varies in each scenario and is determined on a case-by-case basis by the surgical dentist.

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Types of Oral Surgery

Oral surgery in New York can solve a variety of dental problems and anomalies of the dentition. This area includes many treatments – from the correction of facial defects to the fight against skin cancer, from operations to correct jaw anomalies to facial aesthetic surgery, and from the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea to the treatment of tumors of the head and neck. There are several key areas in the field of jaw and face surgery:

Extraction of Teeth

The dental surgeon performs this procedure when a tooth becomes unsuitable for restoration or when its presence could cause problems for neighboring teeth or gums. This also applies to wisdom teeth, which often have limited eruption space, which can cause pain, infection, or displacement of other teeth. The procedure for removing a molar can be simple if the tooth has fully erupted, or surgical if it is partially ingrown.

Head and Neck Cancer

About 2% of all diagnosed malignant neoplasms are associated with cancer of the mouth, neck and jaw. An important role in the treatment is played by the cohesion of the team of dental surgeons who work together. Treatments include maxillofacial surgery, reconstructive plastic surgery, general surgery and otorhinolaryngology surgery.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

Orthognathic surgery, also known as jaw surgery, aims to correct deformities of the jaw bones and teeth in order to improve their functionality. This process involves changing the position, shape, and size of the upper or lower jaw to correct an overbite. Surgical orthodontics, or orthognathic surgery, helps to restore the harmony and symmetry of facial features. In addition, it allows you to correct problems associated with speech, chewing and swallowing.

Prosthetics and Implantology

Dental implants are an effective solution to restore lost teeth. Doctors use special titanium screws that are inserted into the upper or lower jaw. Usually, the installation procedure is carried out by two people: first, the maxillofacial surgeon places the implant in the bones, and then the prosthodontist creates and restores the tooth structure.

Craniofacial Surgery

Different types of facial and jaw surgeries help correct problems that people may have had since birth or later. Doctors perform surgical interventions in the face, neck and around the sinuses. This allows you to solve a variety of problems: inflammation in the sinuses, inflammation around the teeth and salivary glands, gaps in the sky, and even malocclusion.

Treatment of Inflammatory Processes

Oral surgery in NYC also treats deep infections and inflammatory periodontal disease. In addition, such medical intervention is used to remove various tumors, cysts or other abnormalities that may occur in the oral cavity.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ)

TMJ are a group of conditions associated with dysfunction or pathology of the joint between the mandible and the temporal bone. These disorders can cause pain, limited jaw movement, and other symptoms that can significantly affect a patient's quality of life. When non-surgical treatments fail to control pain and conservative measures fail, surgery is the only solution. Several types of temporomandibular joint surgery are possible: arthrocentesis, arthroscopy, and open joint surgery. The oral maxillofacial surgeon will select the right approach depending on individual symptoms or severity.

It is worth noting that each of these procedures requires specific knowledge and skills of the dental surgeon. If necessary, it is recommended that you consult with a professional to obtain detailed information about the specific procedure and its expected results.

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Purpose of Oral Surgery

This type of treatment may be required for patients of any age. Tooth extractions, implantation and preparation for it and reconstruction of the maxillofacial area are required for adult patients. Congenital anomalies of soft and hard tissues are preferably eliminated in childhood after consultation with a pediatric dental surgeon. The timely intervention will help ensure the proper development of all structures of the jaw, neck, and face.

The goal of oral surgery in NY is to restore the normal function, health and aesthetics of the mouth and face as a whole. It is also aimed at treating various diseases with the help of specific surgical techniques and at restoring the normal and correct functioning of absolutely all organs of the oral cavity.

Operations can be scheduled and unscheduled. As a rule, they are necessary in the case when the effect of therapy has been ineffective. The technique is aimed at implantation, treatment of jaw injuries, removal of neoplasms, correction of birth defects and elimination of other problems that are not amenable to conservative treatment.

This type of dental therapy provides a wide range of medical services. As part of it, the following procedures are performed: tooth extraction, the use of the method of resection of the tooth root in the presence of inflammatory processes or neoplasms on the root, sinus lifting, as well as performing operations to restore bone tissue and reconstruct the jaw. These activities are aimed at correcting defects caused by injuries or developmental anomalies.

It is important to remember that only the oral surgeon dentist decides on the need for surgical intervention after a thorough assessment of the patient's condition and discussion of other possible treatment options.

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Oral Surgery Cost in NY

The cost of oral surgery in New York can vary depending on several factors that affect the final price. It is important to realize that the costs of such procedures can vary significantly, depending on the status and location of the clinic, the complexity of the manipulations themselves, and other circumstances.

For example, this may depend on the nature of the procedure – the degree of complexity and the presence of anesthesia. In addition, the use of the latest techniques, quality materials and modern equipment can also affect the final cost.

If you are looking for a qualified specialist for oral surgery in West Village, we will be happy to provide all the necessary information on the range of our services. At Village Dental Medicine, our staff will help you with any dental problem you may have.

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