Dental Services

Dental services are one of the most demanded services in civilized countries today. Our lifestyle, environment and genetics influence teeth health. Regrettably, there are not so many people who can boast with white, even and robust teeth. However, modern dental services are diverse due to science and technology achievements. So, you are able to solve all the problems associated with oral cavity. Let us outline the range of dental services offered in modern clinics.

This kind of treatment includes essential procedures without which further stages of therapy, whether it’s implantation, orthodontic or periodontal treatment, are impossible. The quality of sanitation of the oral cavity largely determines the treatment result and, moreover, human health.

Major dental services are primarily aimed at identifying and treating caries and its complications (pulpitis and periodontitis). Caries is a pathological process characterized by progressive tooth destruction, caused by acids produced by oral microorganisms. Main dental procedures pursue the goal of keeping the tooth intact, preventing its destruction and harmful influence in the entire body. Therefore, reputable dental clinics use only modern safe materials for filling, inhibiting negative affect of oral infection on your organs. Basic dentistry is also indispensable for dental injuries, erosion, pathological process in the root canals, etc. The doctor’s task is not only the disease elimination, but also the restoration of damaged tissues.

Dentistry for kids is a separate medical field, which takes into account all the features of children’s body and psychology. Pediatric doctors use special tools, materials and medicines for their patients. Their approach and methods are almost painless and caring. In additions, dentists are specially taught and prepared for working with kids. The requirements to them are much higher as apart from thorough knowledge in their field, they should be excellent psychologists to easily establish contact with a child and carry out treatment without pain and fair. This is extremely important for children. If the first visit to a dentist was successful and didn’t scare a kid, the following visits will be also hassle –free.

West Village Dental Medicine, NY, specializes in painless and smooth treatment, which is perceived by kids like a holiday or a game. Before entering a doctor’s office, a child watches cartoons, draws or plays, communicates with a doctor. You can book your visit on our website or contact us by phone.

Naturally, elderly are the category of people who especially need dental care. That is why diagnostic dental services are essential for seniors. The majority of people over the age of 55 have oral cavity problems and about 20% of them have a full adentia. Dental system rehabilitation and restoration of its integrity and aesthetics contributes to life improvement. Village Dental Medicine clinic in Manhattan offers dental treatment for seniors according to all the measures of precaution:

  • The painkillers used in the clinic do not have effect on the human cardiovascular system. This is due to the high prevalence of cardiopathology in adulthood.
  • The treatment plan is made taking into account the chronic diseases of the patient.
  • Only sparing treatment methods are used.
  • The doctor controls the overall condition of a patient during the procedure, explaining in detail all the features of treatment, giving recommendations for the recovery period.

Elderly people usually have gums diseases which bring much discomfort and pain. Our periodontist can solve the problem quickly and efficiently preventing premature tooth loss.

Today the range of dental services is so wide that doctors cope even with most complex tasks. All dental services are constantly improved, making the procedure painless and effective. Modern anesthesia is completely safe and allows the patients to conquer their fair. What’s also important, the price for the treatment becomes more and more affordable and most people have chance to get first-class services and brilliant smiles.