Night Guards for Teeth in New York City

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Today, to solve dental problems such as bruxism (involuntary grinding of teeth), there are designs such as night guards for teeth>. It allows you to effectively solve the problem and take care of your teeth during sleep. Caps are made from special polymeric materials that do not contain substances harmful to health.

What Are the Night Guards?

These mouth caps are a transparent, removable lining made of a hypoallergenic and durable biopolymer material that is worn over the teeth. It is recommended to do it individually, according to the impression of the teeth, so that it fully corresponds to the anatomical features of the patient. In this case, the finished design will not cause discomfort when worn or interfere with sleep. You can buy mouth guards in pharmacies, but they will not have such properties. When using them, the pressure on the jaw is distributed incorrectly, which does not provide adequate protection for the teeth and crowns. Unlike braces, a mouth guard can be easily put on and taken off by yourself when needed.

A modern nighttime mouth guard is used to treat various orthodontic diseases. There are different types of dentures:

  1. By appointment. First of all, daytime and night guard for teeth grinding stand out from gnashing of teeth and clenching of the jaws. The former is necessary for those who constantly involuntarily grit their teeth while awake. For such models, special attention is paid to invisibility – they are made of transparent materials and put on the inside of the dentition. Night mouth guards, as a rule, are also transparent, but this is an optional condition – they can be made to match the color of enamel or, on the contrary, bright shades. Depending on the state of the oral cavity and the characteristics of the disease, the structures can be worn only on the upper jaw or on both. It is also important that they do not fly off during sleep and do not create discomfort, making it difficult to sleep.
  2. According to the method of manufacture, standard and individual forms are distinguished. The first can be bought and delivered immediately, in addition, they have a low cost. The main drawback is that they do not take the shape of the jaw, which can cause discomfort, and are poorly attached to the teeth. As for individual capsules, they are the best night guard for teeth grinding, as they exactly repeat the shape of the dentition. They are custom-made in the laboratory. Prices for individual mouth guard for grinding teeth are higher than for other types, but they are distinguished by maximum ease of use and durability. To have them made in New York City, the patient must go to a dental clinic. On average, the manufacturing process takes 5-10 days.

Caring for the structures is simple: after use, they must be washed with warm (but not hot!) water and, if necessary, cleaned with a regular toothbrush. During the period when they are not used, they are stored in water or a special case. It is also important to protect them from exposure to high temperatures that cause deformation of the material, as well as from mechanical damage and direct sunlight.

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Why Do You Need Night Guards

First of all, it is important to note that these designs do not eliminate bruxism. Treatment depends on the causes of the disease, and they are quite diverse. For example, the presence of severe stress, repressed emotions and neuroses. Also, bruxism can be caused by dental causes, such as malocclusion, and disorders in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or the structure of the jaw. If you suffer from bruxism and have dental crowns, specialists of Village Dental Medicine in Manhattan can advise you on the use of a TMJ mouth guard. It is she who will help correct this condition and protect the teeth, jaw joints, and prostheses from damage.

The main task of a bruxism mouth guard is to protect the jaw joints from heavy stress and protect the teeth or dentures from pressure and abrasion.

Such a “pad” tolerates various loads well and does not allow the teeth to close tightly during bruxism. In addition, they perform the following functions:

  • reduces the load on the temporomandibular joint during spasms;
  • protects enamel;
  • prevents loosening, displacement of dental units, and changes in bite;
  • reduces muscle pain that occurs during spasms;
  • protects the dentoalveolar apparatus from inflammation, deformation;
  • saves crowns and prostheses;
  • normalizes sleep.

The anti-grinding mouth guard is put on the upper or lower dentition. Usually, it is transparent, it consists of two layers: the inner soft biosilicone holds the teeth, reducing discomfort, and the harder upper one prevents grinding. An important point: after removing the braces, you will need to wear a teeth protector as often as possible, for example, during sleep for several months. If you do not want your efforts on the path to a perfect smile to be in vain, do not neglect the dentist's recommendation to wear an orthodontic night guard during the entire retention period.

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How Long Will the Night Guards Last?

The nightcaps can be subjected to quite heavy use every night. Depending on the severity of bruxism, people may unconsciously grind their teeth with up to 250 pounds of pressure directly on their molars. While night guards for teeth are made from materials that can last up to five years, the frequency of use as well as the severity can affect when you should replace your mouthguard.

Each mouth guard for sleeping will vary in brand, strength, material, and type. Some will last longer than others, but the signs that they should be replaced are common. Before deciding how often to replace night guards, be sure to pay attention to the following signs:

  1. Wear of dental guard. If you notice any cracks in the protective plate, you should replace it. pay special attention to the back of the shield, as your molars will exert the most pressure at night.
  2. Deformation. Pressure and frequent use can shatter even the strongest night guards. The service life of such structures is about 5 years, but they can be deformed earlier. If you notice that your bruxism guard is starting to lose its shape, consider contacting a specialist in Greenwich Village for a replacement.
  3. No tight fit. For a night guard to be effective in treating bruxism, it must fit perfectly over the teeth. If the pad does not fit snugly, it may not provide the required depth of protection.
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Benefits of Using Dental Night Guards

Dental night guards are great for some orthodontic problems, especially for people suffering from bruxism or other dental problems. In addition, they also have other important advantages – first of all, it is the protection of tooth enamel. Night guard acts as a barrier between the upper and lower teeth, absorbing the shock and friction associated with bruxism. As a result, tooth decay is prevented.

Also, a night guard for TMJ helps to reduce the load on the teeth during spasms and decrease the pain. If the patient has implants or other orthodontic structures, a mouthguard will help protect this from damage. A nice bonus is that the quality of sleep with bruxism will noticeably improve, and possible dental problems will not bother you.

A dental cap serves not only to restore the appearance of the tooth but also to strengthen its structure and functionality. A dental mouth guard can be used to correct the shape, color, and alignment of teeth, and to protect weakened teeth from further damage.

How Much Do Night Guards Cost in NY

Having night guards made in NY is an important consideration for anyone looking for a solution to bruxism or other dental problems. The price may vary. If we take into account the prices of dentures, and the installation of fillings and crowns that are damaged due to bruxism, then wearing relaxing structures is the least expensive way to get rid of the problem.

The night guard cost in Greenwich Village, as in other areas of Manhattan, depends on the materials for the manufacture of structures, an individual approach, and the complexity of a particular case. Turning to the dentists NYC of the Village Dental Medicine clinic, you can be sure of a quality result. You can find us at Greenwich Village near the Olio e Piú restaurant.