5 caries prevention methods you should have known.


Dental caries prevention methods are able to significantly reduce level of tooth decay in mouth

Nowadays caries is a fast spreading disease. We don’t even notice when it begins to develop, as a result tooth enamel is destroyed and then, if untreated, hard dental tissues can be damaged. This illness can provoke very grave consequences. Changes in color of enamel or its structure, painful reaction of teeth to food, pain that occurs without a cause, an unpleasant smell - these all factors can be signs of caries. Some other points can cause caries: anatomical features of jaw, teeth demineralization, lack of fluoride, improper oral hygiene, untimely removal of plaque during professional cleaning, specific diet. For the caries prevention , it is necessary to carry out the hygiene of oral cavity at least twice a day, using special care products - toothpastes, dental floss, rinses. Also, patient should visit dental doctor and undergo examination. It will help to identify disease at an early stage.

Experts believe that prevention of dental caries would be one of the most reliable and effective ways to prevent worsening of not only teeth but gums and other organs as well.

It was proven that oral diseases often have an impact on organism in general. The risk of these problems are connected with the fact that many patients pay no attention to their oral cavity health and turn to dentist at the advanced stage of the disease, when mouth becomes a guaranteed source of different infections induced by inimical bacteria and process of rotting. Illness of a vascular system and allergic reactions of whole organism are frequently the result of neglected carious process.

What caries prevention methods can be defined?

  • Proper oral hygiene. Oddly enough, but only a small percentage of people understand how to rightly brush their teeth. Not many patients listen to dental advice, while brushing teeth can be a true science. You need to start cleaning from the front of the teeth of maxilla (upper jaw), then moving to the chewing side, and then, finally, the palatal side. In the same sequence, brush the teeth of the lower jaw. High-quality brushing lasts in average two or three minutes.
  • Fluorine saturation and remineralization can further prevent caries. Fluorine has the strongest effect against caries. It is able to stop harmful acid-forming bacteria, and also creates special structures in the tooth enamel, which have a high resistance to disease.
  • You have to use more hygiene products for dental care. It is very essential to choose the right toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth rinse, dental floss, etc. If you need help to chose - you can always consult a dentist to find the right hygienic products.
  • Healthy nutrition is also a required method in the prevention of caries. Sweets, carbonated drinks, food that contains simple carbohydrates can adversely influence the quality of teeth. In the daily diet, proteins, fats and carbohydrates should be present in a ratio that is optimal according to age and physical activity. Food should contain fiber, vitamins and minerals.
  • Periodic teeth cleaning in the dental office. Despite regular good home care of the oral cavity, don’t skip visit to clinic and care about expert dental cleaning. There is a variety of specialized products: fluorine varnishes, bactericidal pastes, moth washes and solutions. In addition, a doctor has the possibility to conduct study of the patient’s saliva sample in order to select the most effective methods for preventing caries.