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Teeth bleaching. Who needs to whiten the teeth. Top methods of teeth whitening Natural teeth color is determined by many factors. Naturally human teeth feature some yellowish undertone which is created by enamel and dentin. Food and drinking preferences, bad habits, lifestyle, personal mouth cavity hygiene, general state of health are shaping criteria of Teeth coloring. Thus even having naturally white teeth a person needs to take care not only of teeth health in particular and mouth cavity in general but of Teeth color as well. There are commonly two ways to bleach teeth either addressing for professional aid by visiting a dental office and getting a series of whitening procedures depending on the initial teeth coloring and on a desired result of the whitening or opting for domestic means. If the color of teeth is white or nearly white, a person is fairly enough some special agents for home usage for prevention of teeth staining and darkening as well as regular visiting of a dental office for professional Teeth cleaning once in 6-8 months which is a highly recommended procedure sufficiently improving the state of enamel and gums. It is proved that none of the home treatments and methods is as effective as Teeth cleaning by a dentist. If teeth do not respond to non-professional whitening a person needs to opt for professional bleaching of Teeth enamel. Why a visit to a dentist is so essential even before application of non-professional bleachers at home? The matter is that yellowish tone of teeth enamel may be just a symptom which will reoccur each time the cause will worsen. Thus a consultation of a dentist will help to find out the reason of teeth darkening and eliminate it. In-office Teeth bleaching involves concentrated whitening agents, which are activated by means of laser, special lights or specific heat action. Commonly one procedure takes from 30 to 90 minutes. To show the effect of whitening procedures dentists commonly take a photo of initial color of teeth and then compare the image to the Teeth color after a bleaching procedure. Some cases of Teeth whitening may require a prolonged action of bleaching agents. In this case dentists prescribe special trays which should be filled with whitening agent and worn on teeth for a certain period of time. Summary Every person needs to take care not only of mouth cavity health but of teeth color as well as it is not constant; Home applied agents for teeth whitening are often perform a milder action as contain weaker bleaching agents; Professional Teeth cleaning and whitening should be done at least once a year as preventive means.

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