A detailed guide on how to brush your teeth properly


Without proper oral hygiene you may end up losing your teeth. The more attentive to your own mouth you’re the less time you’ll be spending in the dentist chair. Tooth brushing is a cornerstone of oral hygiene.

That’s the simplest and at the same time extremely beneficial thing you can do for your teeth. However, this really works, only if you know how to brush your teeth properly. Now it’s time to grasp the basics of efficient tooth brushing.

Purchase a high quality toothbrush Of course, tooth brushing requires a good instrument, so you need a perfect toothbrush. In simple terms, an ideal toothbrush is narrow and short with a straight and flat handle.

That’s what new york ny dentist, West Village Dental Medicine recommends. Many manufacturers produce toothbrushes with wide and large brush head. Thus, they reduce the cost of productions. However, when using such a toothbrush you may damage your gums and provoke other wedge-shaped dental defects such as root exposure, gum recession, and so on. Stay away from such toothpastes. As for the bristle, it should have moderate thickness and fine finish. Don’t purchase toothbrushes with rough bristles – most likely they will damage your teeth and gums.

Measure toothpaste properly

You require measuring your toothpaste rationally. Don’t squeeze out too much – it shouldn’t splash. Just cover the teeth and no more. The toothpaste needs to provide a decent cleaning effect without hurting your enamel. Then it should boast perfect pH stability. Air bubbles aren’t welcome at all.

Getting down to brushing Sticking to a good brushing method is the cornerstone of your oral hygiene. With the wrong brushing method you’ll get abuse and even lose one or several teeth in the nearer future. Begin your brushing from the upper left molars, then focus on the front surface of your tooth. Exactly from there start brushing in a clockwise direction. You require holding your toothbrush parallel to the teeth when brushing them. Don’t apply too much pressure. Once your tooth brushing is over, brush your tongue smoothly and then rinse your mouth. If your hands are injured, you can brush your teeth by means of a specially modified toothbrush or electric toothbrush.

How to brush your teeth with braces

Some people don’t have anything unusual in their mouth, but that’s not about you – you have to wear dental braces. They serve you properly but you’d like to know how to brush your teeth with braces. In fact, there’s nothing supernatural in brushing teeth with braces. You require doing careful circular motions and you’ll finish it approximately in five minutes.

However, with the metallic apparatus attached to your teeth, more patience is required – up to 15 minutes. Unfortunately, just standard brushing isn’t enough if you wear braces. You need to make use of special proxabrushes. Using them you’ll easily reach arch wires, bracket as well as other parts, which couldn’t be cleaned with an ordinary toothbrush. When your brushing is over, use fluoride solution to rinse your mouth. If you discover any of dental problems, don’t put off online appointments for dentist.