Are Floss Picks Effective?


Everybody knows about flossing, but not everybody understands the importance of this dental procedure. A toothbrush is not able to reach all the curved surfaces of a tooth. Most people do not want to put a piece of string into their mouth with the help of their fingers. That is why they might enjoy floss picks.

Nowadays the picks are made from plastic beads and are designed to be unbreakable. According to the shape, there are curved and flat dental floss picks. In comparison with the curved picks, the flat ones are harder to use, especially in the back of the mouth, as their form reminds of a harp.

Flossing picks help to remove all the unnecessary food left-overs from the surface between your teeth. These stuck pieces of food cause various dental problems. Even having the best toothbrush you will not be able to apply it in places of hard access.

It is really comfortable to use modern floss picks as you need only one hand to floss your teeth. Complete a “C” around your grinder and then go up and down. Do it gently and do not bite the pick, otherwise you risk hurting your gum.

You might need more than one floss pick in case your teeth are situated really close in the mouth as over the course of time the string can shred.

People who wear braces can also use this device. Floss picks for braces allow reaching under the wire. Usually, the other end has bristled picks suitable for cleaning the brackets. The advantage of flossing picks for braces is that they do not tear. Even if you have never dealt with flossing, the procedure will be easy for you with floss picks. Braces need to be treated in a special and proper way, so do not skip on the procedure. Having tried once you will understand that flossing is an easy and effective way to take care of your mouth cavity. The advantages of dental floss picks suppose:

  • easiness in their usage
  • thorough cleaning of your teeth
  • preventing of bacteria spreading in your mouth
  • comfort for those who wears braces
  • removing of food left-overs in places that are hard to reach with a toothbrush.

As you can see, dental floss picks have become a great alternative to regular flossing. More comfortable in their usage, they will help your teeth to stay clean and healthy. Effectiveness of flossing picks is evident. Though, you must not forget about regular brushing procedures in order to reach the best possible result. Combination of brushing, rinsing, flossing, visiting your dentist and listening to his recommendations will save you from lots of unwanted dental issues.