At-home vs. Professional Teeth Whitening


Everyone dreams of an attractive smile every Hollywood star boasts from the TV screen. Well, you’ve got the same objective. You definitely require investing in your mouth. Evidently, if all of your teeth are ideally even and you do not require orthodontic services, the only thing you lack for a marvelllous smile is teeth whitening. It’s very sad that our teeth lose their natural whiteness over time and even good care can only slow down this process. No one will like seeing his or her teeth getting more and more yellowish. Fortunately, we can easily cope with it thanks to teeth whitening. So, let’s find more interesting facts

About Teeth Whitening Treatments

Professional teeth treatment gives positive results almost instantly. The major benefit of this method is that a professional dentist carries it out. This method isn’t cheap, nevertheless, lot of people are willing to pay dentists in new york city for this service.

What to Expect from Professional Teeth Whitening

Undoubtedly, professional teeth whitening greatly differs from at-home procedures. First, a dental specialist will have your teeth polished using a soft compound material. After this, your teeth will stay drying for some time. All this time special retractors will isolate your tongue, lips and cheeks from the solution. As for your gum line will be protected from the whitening solution with a special dental barrier. Then, the whitening solution will totally coat the teeth, to be exact – the front area of your teeth. As for the whitening solution dentists usually utilize a bleaching agent, carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Many professional dental specialists add some heat to the whitening solution, thus activating the peroxide. For this purpose, laser or curing light can be employed. After the whitening procedure is over, you will be delighted by your new charming smile. That’s what people expect from professional teeth whitening.

What to Expect from At-home Teeth Whitening

It’s so apparent that home teeth whitening can’t outperform professional procedures in many regards. Without professional assistance, you can only fight a couple of spots and stains and lighten pigmentation on your teeth. That’s all. The given method works when a patient’s teeth are in a relatively good condition. At-home teeth whitening solutions differ in terms of cost and efficiency, so you require conducting online research to make the adequate choice. When mentioning at-home teeth whitening, we usually mean teeth whitening kits, which are quite user- friendly. When employing at-home teeth whitening kits you should be ready for long procedures, taking approximately for up to three weeks. Nevertheless, this downside is perfectly compensated by the ease of use. If you carefully study the manual before getting down to whitening, you will most likely obtain a decent result. However, you should realize that you will put your teeth at risk if you pick up the wrong product. If you still doubt, contact teeth whitening nyc, Manhattan, Greenwich for more information.