Celebrities tips and tricks of the perfect smile


A flawless smile is not created over the night. Such celebrities as Zac Efron, Tom Cruise or David Beckham were not born with perfectly straight white teeth. Intrinsically, it's all a result of the hard work of the best dentists who managed to change the celebrities' appearance and to create a tendency of "Hollywood smile". Of course, we are not all stars with world-famous names, and our everyday lives are fundamentally different from the lives of celebrities. But this does not mean that we do not have the right to the same flawless smile as we can be proud of and feel free. We have prepared for you the true pieces of advice and tips that can change your smile.<!--more-->

Celebrities transformation secrets

With millions of dollars in your bank account, you would never have thought about paying bills for dental services. Sometimes, the condition of the teeth may be so triggered that the cosmetic dentist has to completely change the structure and position of each individual tooth and make such manipulations, after which a certain period of rehabilitation is required. This applies to procedures such as veneers and crowns. The size and shape of the tooth can be rectangular or rounded: it all depends on the contour of the face for a more fulfilling aesthetic result. The same applies to the length of the teeth for the ideal proportions. But these procedures are made only in critical situations. Most of the stars do not have such problems, so they resort to partial straightening and whitening teeth.

Everyone knows the procedure of Invisalign, and its results are just amazing. For example, this treatment had such stars as Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus. Tom Cruise's and the well-known supermodel Cindy Crawford straighten their teeth with braces (clear ceramic and metal). Correcting tooth biting is the right way to change your smile, make it more attractive and healthy. This will increase your confidence in yourself and in your actions.

Genetics, lifestyles, and food have a great influence on the state of teeth. Therefore, whitening is another key to an impeccable smile. The society began to associate the whitish teeth with health and beauty, so each one of us strives to improve the condition of it. This procedure is not cheap. But do not be upset! A simple whitening toothpaste or strip can change the color of the teeth in just a few procedures. It's so easy!

Flawless smile without a celebrity budget

Oral hygiene is a very important aspect of the health of your teeth. Flossing helps to prevent tooth decay, as well as the occurrence of gingivitis, to remove the plague between and the root of the tooth. Another important point is brushing the teeth. By doing this at least twice a day, you will be able to avoid serious dental problems of the oral cavity, while maintaining a healthy gum, tooth enamel. These simple tricks will help you to save your money and take care of oral hygiene very easy.

The health of teeth is not only in the cleansing of the oral cavity but also in what we eat. All world stars keep an eye on the right food. The whim of limited food is not only due to the care of their weight and body shape. The look of the teeth also depends on it. There are many star diets. But do not spend so much effort and money on the products. Teeth take the very first blow of low-quality harmful food. Firstly, refuse the frequent use of carbonated beverages. The oxidants destroy your enamel and make your teeth more sensitive. Secondly, eat more raw fruits and vegetables. They strengthen teeth and are natural teeth cleaning agents.

Remember, the flawless smile is always in fashion. And money does not play such a significant role if you really want to have healthy teeth.