Dental Diseases


Everybody cares for his or her smile, but does everybody realize that smiling is not the most important function of our teeth? Good care of your mouth cavity equals good health. Our teeth are exposed to various dental diseases.

Main Types of Dental Diseases

  • Abscessed tooth. This disease occurs when infection reaches the root and forms a swollen territory. The jaw bone and related tissues may face dangerous infection if this problem remains untreated for a long time. Sometimes the issue is cured by drainage or antibiotics. A root canal may be also necessary for curing the disease.
  • Tooth decay. When acid erodes a tooth, areas of damaged enamel appear. They are called cavities. Every-day brushing, flossing and rinsing can save you from the decay. Cavity of a small size can be cured by a filling. Cavities of bigger size require extensive drilling in a dental clinic. NY clinics offer a wide range of sedatives, so do not be scared of the process. It is needed for decay removing. A crown is placed over the remaining surface of the tooth after the drilling procedure.
  • Dry socket. It may appear after a tooth extraction if the blood clot filling the socket was lost. Like many other dental diseases, this one is very painful as nerves underlying the socked are exposed. The wound should be cleaned by a specialist. He will place a special dressing, so that the socket would be closed. Swelling and pain can be taken away with the help of anti-inflammatory medicines.
  • Gingivitis. It is a disease of inflamed gums. Bacteria resting on the teeth lead to this problem. Red, swollen, painful and bleeding gums are the result of gingivitis. If the inflammation is severe, it can spread on the bones and ligaments supporting teeth and grow into periodontitis leading to tooth loss. Then periodontal disease surgery] may be needed. Some genetic factors, pregnancy, smoking and even medications can result in the issue. How to cure gum disease? In case you have noticed there’s something wrong with your gums, consult village dental as the problem can be cured on its early stage. New York City dentists will provide you with qualified treatment and valuable consultations. Gum disease treatment includes brushing, flossing and doing special dental cleanings for avoiding periodontal disease surgery.
  • Xerostomia or dry mouth. Saliva protects teeth from infection and gingivitis. People suffering from Sjögren’s syndrome, diabetes and HIV may face this problem. Sore throat, uncomfortable swallowing and the risk of tooth decay are caused by xerostomia. Chew sugar-free gum in order to increase the amount of saliva.
  • Halitosis or bad breath. Specific food (onions, garlic) can cause it. It’s much worse when the lack of mouth hygiene is the cause of bad breath. The problem may lead to gum disease, lung infection and dry mouth. Scrape your tongue and do usual dental procedure to avoid halitosis.
  • Oral cancer. It can appear inside of the cheeks, tongue, floor and roof of the mouth, throat, lips and sinuses. A sore or lump that does not disappear and white or red patches on the soft tissues may be a bell ringing about the disease. Cigarettes, alcohol, papilloma, HPV and excess of the sunlight may become the reasons of oral cancer. The disease can be cured on its early stages.

Dental Diseases Treatment

Root canal. It is the procedure of removing the nerve and tooth pulp in case when decay or infection has reached and insulted the pulp. You will have your canals cleaned and sealed by the dentist. NY specialists will place a crown on the damaged tooth if there is a large cavity.