Dental Fluorosis Causes of Appearance


Fluorine plays an important role in the formation of bones and teeth. It is the main building element for enamel. A lack of fluoride in the body leads to dental caries, and its excess leads to an equally serious disease - fluorosis. This disease has a wide age spectrum and can develop in both children and adults. Depending on the severity level, fluorosis can become a significant aesthetic problem for the patient. Until recently, dental fluorosis was considered an endemic disease, that is, people in one specific area are exposed to it. But now we can distinguish another type of disease - professional. It manifests itself in workers of enterprises where the content of fluoride compounds in the air is exceeded, for example, in the aluminum or glass industry.

The Main Causes and Symptoms of Dental Fluorosis

The main reason is considered to be excessive use of the amount of fluorine compounds during teething and tooth growth. Usually, fluorosis appears at the initial stage of the development of the dentition, during the formation of enamel in childhood, however, with the constant use of water and foods with high fluoride content, an adult can also get sick. In addition, it can distinguish among the reasons weakened immunity, individual characteristics of the organism, some diseases, as well as work in enterprises.

Identifying fluorosis symptoms is not so difficult. It appears in a change in the color of tooth enamel in the form of brown or white pigmentation, as well as stripes on the surface of the teeth. Erasing tooth enamel, erosion and chips - all this can also indicate a disease. An experienced specialist will help in the early stages to distinguish fluorosis from caries and begin timely treatment.

To prescribe the most effective method of treating the disease, the doctor must determine the severity.

Severe fluorosis treatment is used only in moderate to severe cases when enamel integrity is destroyed. In such cases, methods of aesthetic restoration will be involved - restoration of teeth with composite materials, the use of ceramic veneers or crowns. This is necessary for both aesthetic and therapeutic purposes.

In a mild form of the disease, when the patient has only a change in the color of the enamel, the doctor may suggest fluorosis whitening with remineralization. With its help, compounds of phosphorus and calcium get into the enamel, which, penetrating into hard tissues, will have a beneficial effect, strengthening and nourishing them. This is necessary to restore the composition of the tooth enamel and prevent its possible destruction in the future. The patient should also take part in the treatment, following the recommendations of the doctor, drinking purified water and changing his nutrition. Workers should also remember that they are in a high-risk area.

Dental Fluorosis Treatment

Dental fluorosis treatment as well as prevention includes:

  • drinking filtered water
  • careful use of fluoride-containing toothpastes
  • taking a multivitamin complex
  • visit the dentist in time

In order to prevent the destructive processes of teeth, you need to take care of the teeth and oral cavity from the very beginning.

Largely due to timely prevention and examination, this disease is detected. Especially need to be careful those who have a hereditary predisposition. It should be noted that enamel fluorosis often occurs among children and adolescents whose milk teeth have not yet completely changed to molars, and tooth enamel has not yet fully matured.

Many people don’t take seriously any changes in the color of the teeth or slight discomfort. However, dental fluorosis in adults is not unimportant, but can have serious consequences, affecting not only teeth, but also the disruption of the joints and bone tissues.

As for dental fluorosis in children, there are more noticeable changes. When fluorine enters the child’s body in excess, calcium salts bind and are eliminated from the body, exerting a toxic effect in the formation of tooth enamel. In addition, an excessive concentration of fluoride in water has a negative effect on the activity of the thyroid gland, that is why various disorders can occur in the children's body. Can all children get fluorosis? No. This disease can occur in children with weak immunity that have recently experienced infectious diseases and those who have an excess of fluorinated products in their diet. The risk of this disease is increased in children who are not breast-fed.

Dental Fluorosis Prevention

Prevention of fluorosis, like other dental diseases, should be a priority if you are going to take care of your health. A sufficient amount of fluoride in the body is necessary for the good functioning of the body as a whole. However, in large doses, it is able to manifest its negative qualities. Do not forget to visit the dentist NYC in time and follow his recommendations in order to have a healthy radiant smile.

Article Approved by:

Dhruti Soni Dental Hygienist, RDH