The dentist is your friend, not an enemy!


A sense of fear or the presence of a particular phobia is normal for every person. Someone may be afraid of spiders, snakes, the other one can have a fear of a great height. But even in these cases, fear does not cause you significant harm. And what can you say about a visit to a dentist? Just remember your childhood – for sure, each of your friends was afraid to treat the teeth.

Up to now, medicine has come to such an advance that one can completely forget bad thoughts and pain during the treatment. But in reality, only 12% of US residents officially suffer from it. If you are one of them and can’t cope with your emotions, the first step what you should do is to find out about the professionalism of the dentist as much as possible and to make sure about the quality of the medical services provided.

Skipping visits to a dentist will not reduce your anxiety, and even more likely increase the risk of dental problems.

Placing meetings with your dentist to cleanse and check your teeth is an important part of maintaining hygiene and oral health. No matter how well you clean your teeth, plaque and bacteria will still remain in the oral cavity. Any missed gap between the teeth may lead to the formation of the first plaque, and then to the tartar. In this case, the problem can be solved only by the dentist.

In addition, only a professional can tell you about the presence of a disease of the teeth. Treatment is easier if the problem is detected in the early stages of expansion. By avoiding the dentist, you can start the inflammatory process, and then at all lose your teeth. Remember, the effectiveness of treatment also depends on you!

Work on self-overcoming the fear of dentists.

When going to the doctor, you can make an appointment in advance and warn by telephone that you are a "complicated patient". A well-experienced dentist will take care of your problem. If you did not find understanding at the first meeting, then look for a new dentist. You have the full right to discuss with him which methods exist to overcome this fear and which of them are acceptable in your case.

Be careful with an independent solution to the problem of how to take off the emotion. Taking a sedative can only harm you. In each person, the sedative effect of the drug comes at different times and may also last for a different time - everything is entirely individual. And it's almost unrealistic to calculate the exact moment when the effect of the medicine will be maximal.

Modern medicine can do incredible things with your body and health.

It is possible that before the dental procedure, the dentist will offer you an intravenous sedative injection. In most cases, this is the most effective option - the patient is not asleep, but is relaxed and calm. The sensitivity of a certain area of the oral cavity is almost completely reduced, thereby preventing you from pain.

Another method which is called sedation is used in dentistry, suppressing the feeling of fear and giving the patient a sense of calm. As a result, you will forget what the words "I'm afraid to go to the tooth!" mean. In addition, sedation allows the dentist to cure several teeth at a time. Usually, a small child cannot sit in the dental chair for more than 5 minutes, but the length of the procedure with sedation can increase the treatment to 40-60 minutes, which significantly reduces the number of visits required to the doctor. So forget about the pain while treating your teeth. You just have to believe in yourself and choose a good doctor who can tame your emotion and provide quality services.