Different Crowns for Teeth


Millions of people are already familiar with dental crowning if they faced the problem of a weakened or damaged grinder. Special dental material that covers the tooth’s surface for its protection is known to be a dental crown. Get acquainted with several types of dental crowns for teeth :

  • All-ceramic;
  • Gold alloys;
  • Porcelain fused to metal;
  • Base metal alloys. The type of crowning will depend on the condition of your mouth cavity. Before choosing the type of dental crowns, learn what functions they serve. The first type supposes restoring of the front teeth. Ceramic crowns blend with the colour of the other teeth inside your mouth cavity. Thus, nobody will be able to differentiate a crowned tooth from the natural ones. All-ceramic dental crowns are developed from porcelain-based material. The second type deals with gold, cooper and other metals. All of them are mixed together. Such crowns make teeth stronger. They protect them from fracturing. Besides, all-ceramic crowns will prevent wearing away of your tooth. The third type is famous for creating a stronger bond than standard porcelain. This is because the crown is joined to a special metal structure. Due to the material the porcelain fused to metal crown is made of, it will last extremely long. The last, but not the least is base metal alloys crowning type. The crown is made of non-noble metals. They are resistant to corrosion and firmly protect the teeth. More important is that the procedure of their placing requires removing of the least amount of your healthy tooth.

Metal and Porcelain Crowns

These two types of dental crowning are the most popular ones nowadays. Choosing from metal and porcelain crowns , pay attention that the first type is rather durable while the second type always looks better. New York City dentists will recommend the best variant personally for you. Contact village dental and have the most beautiful and the strongest dental crowns.

Crown Dental Procedure

A crown is fixed on the tooth in order to cover the damaged area of it. Besides, it strengthens the tooth, improves your smile and general alignment inside your oral cavity. The procedure of dental crowning starts from taking impressions of the damaged tooth. Be aware of reducing the size of your tooth. This is needed for a successful procedure. Only in such a way the crown will look naturally and will not cause discomfort or a feeling that there is something foreign inside your mouth. Temporary crown can be placed on the tooth till the time when the crown is ready. Then the patient will feel comfortably while waiting for his or her permanent crown. Doing all the regular cleaning procedures at home you will preserve the service of your dental crown. Do not forget about regular check-up at your NY dental clinic in order to maintain health of your mouth cavity.